Esoteric Astrology as new for week May 17 – 23, 2023

Aquarian Salon – A Conversation  Under Gemini

This is an invitation to join me and others in The Aquarian Salon – A Conversation of Art, Astrology, Symbols & Wisdom Teachings. On Sunday, May 21 (under Gemini Sun), the first in a series of Aquarian Salon Gatherings & Conversations begins. Everyone is invited to join in the conversation. See:

Salons – a gathering of people to talk, discuss, interact, debate and converse about art, literature, philosophy and the issues of the day. Salons (ruled by Gemini) began in 15th century Italy. They reflected the earlier discussions in the Wisdom Schools of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and Pythagoras. Salons were the beginning of  “a conversation” humanity began to have in the public sphere. Prior to salons, people’s communication remained within the walls of palaces or homes. There were no public conversations. There were Greek and Roman Salons prior to the Enlightenment (17th and 18th centuries, Europe). The Salons flourished in France and Italy till the 19th century. They pioneered a new era, the Age of Reason (the Enlightenment). As we are now also entering a new age and era (Aquarius, the Age of Knowledge), a new stage of enlightenment is occurring. And so the Aquarian Salon is a pioneering effort, a “new conversation” for unfolding humanity in a new unfolding era.

The early salons gathered in great halls to exchange ideas. Writers, artists, thinkers, and philosophers gathered to have conversations, dialogue and debate. Some salons came together in coffee shops to learn the newest scholarly or scientific information. It created the Age of the Conversation. We are renewing this idea – to create a new Age of the Salon, the Salon of the people who are in conversation with each other.

Symbols – the Salon will focus on symbols in art and in astrology. Symbols awaken feelings and the intuition. Symbols conceal vast amounts of information. They are archetypes, timeless ideas in visual form.  Astrological symbols have inspired artists since time’s beginning – from prehistoric cave art to the 21st century (Titian, Michelangelo, da Vinci, Raphael, Dürer, Dali, Warhol, Hilma af Klint, etc.). Astrological symbols reveal in symbolic form the Ancient Wisdom teachings, informing humanity we are not alone. So, please join us everyone in the Aquarian Salon and add your voice, ideas, thoughts and feelings to the Conversation.

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ARIES: Past abilities and gifts emerge in your daily life. There are so many and they are all good. Wounds cease for a while. Tend with care to all daily tasks especially if traveling. Responsibilities increase. Love increases too. Find Taurus and Gemini people. Communicate with them. They comfort your curiosity. Be prudent with money while also tithing and sharing with those in need. Maintain a contemplative state this week. It prepares you for Gemini’s many thoughts.

TAURUS: In these present times, as the reorientation of humanity and our economy continues, when our world and how we live may seem as if it’s coming to a halt and much that we are used to may be less and less available anymore, you tell us what, why and how to prepare for life on the edge, life in crisis, life with less comforts, and still maintain the Art of Living. It’s time for neighborhood greenhouses. Old wood framed glass doors and windows will do. Build it and the plants will grow.

GEMINI: So many responsibilities call you. And whatever does, no matter when, do your very focused best to respond with care and mindfulness. Response, not reactions. The two are different. Two directions may appear: an opposition, which creates much resistance at first. Later, you accept. Ask for more information and ask for all that you need. Then wait for the subtle quiet answers in response. Study symbols to awaken the Raincloud of Knowable Things (intuition).

CANCER: Many of us are experiencing inflammation and pain. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory. Preparing East Indian (or ayurvedic) foods are best for healing and digestion. Indian spices have health benefits: turmeric is anti-inflammatory, as is coriander (it also contains magnesium); cayenne and black pepper for warmth; cumin aids in digestion; chilis have Vitamin C. Dry roast the spices then add ghee (clarified butter). These are nurturing Capricorn/Saturn health tips. Capricorn is your opposite sign. Prepare and sip slowly Golden milk before bed.

LEO: Tending to self is your spring season’s task. Your heart’s desires are what’s most important. Is there contact, communication and emotional support with and from family or friends? Are many things from the past which have remained behind the scenes coming to consciousness? You can no longer stay hidden. Leo is the light of life for others. Leo is to discover their creative loving self – a glittering found object of self. We are to discover that we are each an art form. Leo discovers this first and foremost. Leo is the heart of the matter.

VIRGO: Sometimes it’s hard to complete our tasks with concentration and dedication. However, if we consider a focused mind (on tasks or on study) as a level of meditation, then it becomes easier. What you receive by doing this is a clear and grounded sense of accomplishment leading to a greater sense of peace in the self. The wound that’s always hurting will slowly dissolve. Clarity of vision and purpose then emerge. You wish for, hope for and aspire to all of these.

LIBRA: In daily life you’ve become disciplined, focused, reliable, industrious, serious, reserved, patient and persevering. These are a lot of good words to describe you. You’ve assumed more and more responsibilities. Some Librans have stepped into a healing role. Are you, however, and at this time, the one in need of healing? Rest is needed, along with contemplation on the arts. You are never the black sheep of the family. This thinking limits you. Be only with those who care for, love, support and see you as perfect. Mother always said you were (perfect).

SCORPIO: There’s a new state of creativity flowing through you. Music, very important at this time, must be in your environments at all times. Travel, study, things cultural, hiking, archery, sculpting, horse tending and/or riding over hills and dale are past abilities, talents and gifts you must, one by one, again cultivate. Tend to mundane tasks carefully, focusing on details. Daily life planning is most important for your well-being. Send love to all the magical kingdoms around you. Know that you belong to a magical kingdom, too.

SAGITTARIUS: Home, for so long in a state of here and there and then not anywhere again now assumes a more defined reality. Bring in bright colors along with plants, vines, cactus, Tibetan art (Thangkas), an aquarium, a canary and a flash of neon. These create the style you seek. Home is your refuge, community (sangha), sanctuary and retreat. Try not to be at odds with anyone. Tend to all life tasks with loving care. With Jupiter entering Taurus, daily life itself and care for health is prominent. For a year.

CAPRICORN: The tension and pressure and responsibilities you are carrying are creating a transformation within your identity. A new identity of self is forming. That you are capable, intelligent, caring and a server of those in need. Your kindness calls forth cooperation from everyone. You are teaching others to cooperate and this nurtures them and you. Everyone sees you as someone of great value. This provides you with the courage needed to transform all situations. You answer to needs. You are the harmony after the conflict. All that you do is good.

AQUARIUS: It’s important to secure your money and not use it indiscriminately. It’s also important to share it with those in need. Your money should be used to safeguard your future needs, work and family. Invest with others in land, consider what it would take to build a cooperative farming community. Assess the world situation and be the first to communicate what you see, know and understand. Don’t be pressured with a false ideology. A new world is coming. You will play a major part in its establishment.

PISCES: Is your daily life at times somewhat shrouded in a mist? Can you assess your present needs and priorities? You want to be practical while initiating new future goals. Relationships are expanding to include the entire world, then the universe. How will this affect your life? We don’t know yet. Serving is a Virgo task, your hidden sign. The Tibetan offers you this prayer, “Out of duty, perfectly performed, will emerge those larger duties which we call world work.” Soon, the world calls to you. Always you respond with grace.