Red Devil return

This represents tradition , history community, family ,and teamwork Sweetwater Red Devils stand together we are a special band of brothers and sisters we are a unique family. I can’t speak for nobody else but I can remember when I was at Granger you looked forward to going to Sweetwater High school because most of us had a parent brother sister uncle Aunt that attended the school and it was a sense of something bigger then life at that time. Back then I remember people we knew handed down traditions because they were handed down traditions from someone they knew before and so on. I remember you would have to try out for football and they had a thing called hell week they had a thing. Called a Burma and if you didn’t make the team you would go see a gentleman by the name of Mr Martin and you would turn in your shoulder pads helmet pants jersey and you were done. I remember 2 practices a day. I remember if you were not on the varsity football team you did not go onto the football field and if you got caught you were dealt with accordingly. I remember spaghetti dinners, I remember the Quarterback Club I remember school assembly’s and I remember Friday night football games II remember CIF Championships, I remember after the football games we would be at the livest party and where you would be dancing you would be looking at the Heisman Trophy. I remember going to Plaza Bonita and if you were wearing your letterman’s jacket people knew that you were from National City. I remember teachers who were like Mothers and supported the athletes and would make sure you were doing what you needed to do to make you accountable in all your classes. I remember spending the night on the Senior lawn the night before we graduated with fellow seniors. But the one thing that everyone understood that we were a Sweetwater Red Devil. And it’s like that and that’s the way it is. Bring back the Red Devil on the Football helmet We are standing on the shoulders of those that came before us
My name is Mark Baca and I am a Sweetwater Red Devil.


Mark Baca resides in National City.