Prep track season cut short but not for a lack of effort

High Tech High Chula Vista’s Drake Prince, a returning state meet place-winner, ranked second in the San Diego Section in the boys 800-meter run this spring. Photo by Phillip Brents

A high school track and field meet consists of 16 events — 10 running events and six field events — in both gender fields.

It provides an ample showcase for top performances, and electrifying finishes, in front of cheering crowds.

At this point of the season many high school standouts would be celebrating a spring campaign filled with glory after a trip to the state championship meet.

But there was no celebrating or cheering at this year’s state finals, or even the San Diego Section finals, due to the cancellation of the season due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Neither high profile event took place.

In fact, many schools participated in just one dual meet before the season was abruptly called off. Some schools did not have the chance to compete in any at all.

It stands as a lingering shame, especially for graduating seniors, because South County schools had a number of talented student-athletes who would have left a lasting mark on this season, whether it be at the league, section or state finals.

For underclassmen, the shortened 2020 season will serve as motivation for next year, especially for those student-athletes who had entered their names among the league and section leaders for the first time.

Otay Ranch’s Mckenzie Kelly led the Metro Conference with the top time in the girls 400-meter dash this spring. Photo by Phillip Brents

Follow the leaders
Otay Ranch senior Rogelio Flores turned in the fastest time among Metro Conference sprinters this spring in the boys 100-meter dash in 11.77 while Mar Vista senior Briana Ayala topped the girls field with a time of 13.23.

Flores also ranked seventh in the section in the boys long jump (21-9.25) as the conference leader in that event.

Conference leaders in the 200-meter dash included Otay Ranch sophomore Oscar Sandoval in 23.87 and Olympian senior Anjaly Villarini in 28.71.

Otay Ranch senior Mckenzie Kelly clocked 1:01.12 as the top female 400-dash runner in the conference to rank fourth in the section, while Olympian senior Julio Leon topped the boys field with a time of 53.36.

High Tech High Chula Vista senior Drake Prince, who placed 10th in the boys 800 run at last year’s state finals, ranked second in the section with a time of 1:59.39 while Leon followed as the Metro Conference leader in 2:00.00 to rank fourth in the section.

Otay Ranch sophomore Elicia Arredondo turned in the top time among conference mid-distance runners in the girls 800 distance in 2:34.36.

Bonita Vista senior Noah Nafarrete turned in the top time among conference boys 1600 runners in 4:42.88 while Olympian senior Rosanna Javier paced the girls field in 5:37.51.

Otay Ranch sophomore Ruben Baza Carrillo ranked as the conference’s top boys runner in the 3200 with a time of 10:22.86 while Otay Ranch sophomore Leila Fuerte topped the girls field in 12:43.81.

South County hurdlers were definitely in the fast lane this spring.

Otay Ranch senior Nathan Mestre ranked sixth in the section in the boys 110-meter high hurdles with a time of 15.86 as the Metro Conference leader while Olympian senior Anthony Gilpin ranked eighth in the section with a time of 15.97 (second in the conference).

The talented pair exchanged positions in the 300 intermediate hurdles as Gilpin, the conference leader with a time of 41.11, ranked second in the section, and Mestre, the conference runner-up at 42.08, ranked fifth in the section.

Otay Ranch junior Sage Lee ranked fourth in the section in the girls 300 low hurdles with a conference-leading time of 48.09 while Otay Ranch senior Meliah Burns paced the conference in the 100 low hurdles with a time of 18.36.

Olympian paced the conference in both the boys 4×100 relay (46.01) and 4×400 relay (3:42.46).

Otay Ranch led the conference in the girls 4×100 relay (53.24) while Olympian topped the conference in the girls 4×400 relay (4:32.91).

Otay Ranch senior weight man Zak Rachow ranked seventh in the section in the boys shot put (47-0.5) and ninth in the discus throw (136-9) as the conference leader in both events.

Otay Ranch junior Shire Lampkin led the conference in the girls shot put (30-0) while Otay Ranch junior Alyssa Serano topped the conference in the girls discus throw (87-11).

Conference high jump event leaders included Olympian junior Deondre Battle (5-10) in the boys field and Olympian junior Amanda Shaw and senior teammate Kamaile Signo-Hawkins in the girls field with identical marks of 4-8.

Shaw also recorded top marks in the conference in the girls long jump (16-3) and triple jump (32-6.5).

Southwest sophomore Axel Partida cleared 10-0 as the conference leader in the boys pole vault while Otay Ranch senior Paulina Cortez cleared 8-0 to top the girls field.

Otay Ranch sophomore Brandon Buu topped the conference in the boys triple jump with a mark of 42-1 to rank 10th in the section.

But the season was just getting started.


Eastlake’s Ethan Zazueta finished second in the boys long jump at last year’s Division I section finals. Photo by Phillip Brents

Mesa League 2020 Track & Field Leaders

100: Rogelio Flores (Otay Ranch) 11.77; Miles Goff (Olympian) 11.83; Edric Picatoste (Otay Ranch) 11.96; Jordan Garcia (Otay Ranch) 12.05; Gabriel Arroyo (Otay Ranch) 12.08; Adrian Manalo (Olympian) 12.08

200: Oscar Sandoval (Otay Ranch) 23.87; Miles Goff (Olympian) 24.20; Cian Powers (Otay Ranch) 24.29; Enoch Okoh (Olympian) 24.30; Haydn Brotschi (Otay Ranch) 24.31

400: Julio Leon (Olympian) 53.36; Joshua Bonilla (Olympian) 53.61; Haydn Brotschi (Otay Ranch) 53.71; Cody Holt (Otay Ranch) 55.25; Jacob Juden (Olympian) 55.53

800: Julio Leon (Olympian) 2:00.00; Grant Bice (Otay Ranch) 2:06.01; Johan Gijon (Otay Ranch) 2:06.48; Jacob Juden (Olympian) 2:06.94; Jacen Salvador (Otay Ranch) 2:07.79

1600: Noah Nafarrete (Bonita Vista) 4:42.88; Grant Bice (Otay Ranch) 4:43.51; Johan Gijon (Otay Ranch) 4:44.28; Aydan Wohlford (Otay Ranch) 4:46.60; Nathaniel Loving (Olympian) 4:47.77

3200: Ruben Baza Carrillo (Otay Ranch) 10:22.86; Andre Sison (Otay Ranch) 10:29.36; Nathaniel Loving (Olympian) 10:31.76; Dominic Garcia (Otay Ranch) 10:32.63; Diego Vizcarra (Otay Ranch) 10:56.52

110 hurdles: Nathan Mestre (Otay Ranch) 15.86; Anthony Gilpin (Olympian) 15.97; Justin Smith (Otay Ranch) 16.54; Jamar Broner (Otay Ranch) 16.69; Luke Smith (Olympian) 17.80

300 hurdles: Anthony Gilpin (Olympian) 41.11; Nathan Mestre (Otay Ranch) 42.08; Jonathan Hicks (Olympian) 43.15; Javier Lugo (Olympian) 43.57; Jamar Broner (Otay Ranch) 44.75

4×100 relay: Olympian 46.01; Otay Ranch 49.21

4×400 relay: Olympian 3:42.46; Otay Ranch 3:47.73


Shot put: Zakary Rachow (Otay Ranch) 47-0.5; Mychal Perry (Olympian) 40-1; Tomas Ortiz (Otay Ranch) 37-7; Dylan Baldoni (Otay Ranch) 36-11; Michael Herrera (Otay Ranch) 36-9.5

Discus throw: Zakary Rachow (Otay Ranch) 136-9; Mychal Perry (Olympian) 118-5; Jacob Ursua (Otay Ranch) 108-5; Marcos Gobbi (Otay Ranch) 108-5; Daven Autele (Otay Ranch) 106-7

High jump: Dondre Battle (Olympian) 5-10; Calvin Taylor (Otay Ranch) 5-8; Elijah Miller-Nelson (Olympian) 5-8; Dhaamin Buford (Otay Ranch) 5-4; Jaylani Sanders (Otay Ranch) 5-2, Isaiah Bernal (Olympian) 5-2

Pole vault: Julian Oostburg (Otay Ranch) 9-6; Kaeden Gloria (Otay Ranch) 8-0; Maximus Rodriguez (Otay Ranch) 7-0; Arath Davila (Otay Ranch) 7-0

Long jump: Rogelio Flores (Otay Ranch) 21-9.25; Ethan Zazueta (Eastlake) 21-5.75; Dhaamin Buford (Otay Ranch) 19-2.75; Brandon Buu (Eastlake) 18-10.5; Kristian Edraisa (Olympian) 18-5.5

Triple jump: Brandon Buu (Eastlake) 42-1; Rogelio Flores (Otay Ranch) 40-11.5; Jayhalin Sanders (Otay Ranch) 38-0.5; Dhaamin Buford (Otay Ranch) 37-5.75; Calvin Taylor (Otay Ranch) 35-5.75


100: Amanda Shaw (Olympian) 13.77; Anjali Villarini (Olympian) 13.84; Arianna Naranjo (Otay Ranch) 13.95; Janelle Watkins (Otay Ranch) 14.05; Kehaulani Phillips (Olympian) 14.07

200: Anjali Villarini (Olympian) 28.71; Arianna Naranjo (Otay Ranch) 29.07; Amanda Shaw (Olympian) 20.09; Ayme Delgado (Olympian) 29.82; Kehaulani Phillips (Olympian) 30.01

400: Mckenzie Kelly (Otay Ranch) 1:01.12; Natalie Ayala (Olympian) 1:06.68; Sara Williams (Otay Ranch) 1:08.09; Isabella Rindone (Olympian) 1:09.70; Ayme Delgado (Olympian) 1:10.42

800: Elicia Arredondo (Otay Ranch) 2:34.36; Maya Galvan (Olympian) 2:35.18; Cristina Carrillo (Otay Ranch) 2:35.80; Rosanna Javier (Olympian) 2:36.18; Gloria Ing (Bonita Vista) 2:36.46

1600: Rosanna Javier (Olympian) 5:37.51; Lauren Salt (Bonita Vista) 5:38.32; Elicia Arredondo (Otay Ranch) 5:38.37; Sequoia Kriss (Bonita Vista) 5:43.35; Leila Fuerte (Otay Ranch) 5:46.70

3200: Leila Fuerte (Otay Ranch) 12:43.81; Lauren Medina (Otay Ranch) 12:44.06; Autumn Filson (Otay Ranch) 12:47.57; Victoria Ames (Olympian) 13:06.97; Cristina Garcia (Olympian) 13:49.73

100 hurdles: Meliah Burns (Otay Ranch) 18.36; Laurie Beedon (Olympian) 18.46; Shannon Yeow (Otay Ranch) 19.05; Sage Lee (Otay Ranch) 19.13; Jimena Benitez (Otay Ranch) 19.29

300 hurdles: Sage Lee (Otay Ranch) 48.09; Kamalie Signo-Hawkins (Olympian) 51.81; Laurie Beedon (Olympian) 54.00; Shannon Yeow (Otay Ranch) 55.31; Avianna Gil (Otay Ranch) 55.99

4×100 relay: Otay Ranch 53.24; Olympian 54.84

4×400 relay: Olympian 4:32.91; Otay Ranch 4:57.96


Shot put: Shire Lampkin (Otay Ranch) 30-0; Zoe Rachow (Otay Ranch) 27-10; Jasmari Aquino (Olympian) 26-0.5; Alyssa Serano (Otay Ranch) 25-9; Rossalinda Blancarte (Otay Ranch) 24-9

Discus throw: Alyssa Serano (Otay Ranch) 87-11; Arramis Gonzalez (Otay Ranch) 87-10; Rossalinda Blancarte (Otay Ranch) 87-5; Jasmari Aquino (Olympian) 77-3; Zoe Rachow (Otay Ranch) 74-0

High jump: Amanda Shaw (Olympian) 4-8; Kamaile Signo-Hawkins (Olympian) 4-8; Anjali Villarini (Olympian) 4-2; Madelyn Sist (Olympian) 4-2; Janelle Watkins (Otay Ranch) 4-2

Pole vault: Paulina Cortez (Otay Ranch) 8-0; Nicole Balvaneda (Otay Ranch) 7-0; Autumn Filson (Otay Ranch) 7-0; Allison Hurtado (Otay Ranch) 6-0; Marianna Andrade (Otay Ranch) 5-6

Long jump: Amanda Shaw (Olympian) 16-3; Kamaile Signo-Hawkins (Olympian) 15-11; Meliah Burns (Otay Ranch) 15-5; Gabriella Leon (Olympian) 15-2.75; Madelyn Sist (Olympian) 14-8.5

Triple jump: Amanda Shaw (Olympian) 32-6.5; Gabriella Leon (Olympian) 32-2.5; Kehaulani Phillips (Olympian) 31-11.5; Elizabeth Guidry (Otay Ranch) 30-0.5; Angelina Tabago (Otay Ranch) 27-5


South Bay League 2020 Track & Fielld Top Marks

100: Roman Rodriguez (Mar Vista) 12.35; Sebastian Valadez (Southwest) 12.60
200: O Gianni Barrett (Southwest) 25.75; Sebastian Valadez (Southwest) 25.87
400: Anthuar Lopez (Southwest) 56.29; Damian Arista (Southwest) 58.61
800: Missael Felix (San Ysidro) 2:15.21; Daniel Ascencio (San Ysidro) 2:21.17
1600: Missael Felix (San Ysidro) 4:45.28; Lorenzo Fitzgerald (Southwest) 5:00.98
3200: Sebastian Pimentel (Mar Vista) 10:40.40; Jonathan Garcia (Mar Vista) 10:52.17
110 hurdles: Logan Wilson (Mar Vista) 18.54; Eric Mellado (Mar Vista) 19.19
300 hurdles: Omar Aragon (Southwest) 47.85; Josue Pasillas (Southwest) 1:19.33
4×100 relay: Mar Vista 46.91; Southwest 49.56
4×400 relay: Mar Vista 4:02.65; Southwest 4:04.44

Shot put: Nathaniel Rosillo-Guerrero (Southwest) 31-5; Edryan Ruiz (Mar Vista) 30-6
Discus throw: Jesus Marmolejo (Southwest) 67-4.5; Edryan Ruiz (Mar Vista) 65-0
Pole vault: Axel Partida (Southwest) 10-0
Long jump: Bryan Garcia (Southwest) 19-5; Brian Dukes (Mater Dei Catholic) 19-1.5
Triple jump: Brian Dukes (Mater Dei Catholic) 39-6.5; Bryan Garcia (Southwest) 36-10

100: Briana Ayala (Mar Vista) 13.23; Clarissa Gonzalez (San Yisdro) 13.51
200: Valeria Chavarin (Southwest) 30.17; Marabella De La Rea (Southwest) 31.49
400: Clarissa Gonzalez (San Ysidro) 1:03.81; Monserrat Salazar (Southwest) 1:09.41
800: Natalie Garcia (Southwest) 2:48.66; Andrea Vazquez (Southwest) 2:59.10
1600: Andrea Vazquez (Southwest) 6:36.49; Natalie Garcia (Southwest) 6:36.69
3200: Grace Duran (Mar Vista) 16:43.89
100 hurdles: Sofia McFarlin (Mar Vista) 20.43; Nadia Gurrola (Mar Vista) 20.76
4×100 relay: Southwest 56.22
4×400 relay: Mar Vista 4:44.33; Southwest 5:06.52

Shot put: Isabella Lopez (Mar Vista) 23-9; Sylviona Nelson (Mar Vista) 23-3
Discus throw: Isabelle Lopez (Mar Vista) 73-4; Brianna Camacho (Mar Vista) 62-7.5
High jump: Monserrat Salazar (Southwest) 4-6
Long jump: Luna Calderon (Mar Vista) 13-3.5; Lynnette De La Torre (Mar Vista) 12-5.25
Triple jump: Sofia McFarlin (Mar Vista) 25-9.25