Lady Eagles soar at section’s largest girls wrestling tournament

The Olympian High School girls wrestling team posted a very strong third-place finish at last weekend's Goddess of Olympia tournament on campus, the largest high school girls tournament in section history. Courtesy photo

Last Saturday’s Goddess of Olympia girls wrestling tournament at Olympian High School set records for number of teams and number of participants in the San Diego Section.

Olympian coach Jay Fabunan’s head count was impressive.

“The tournament took a lot of planning with assistance coming especially from coach (David) Jarumayan of Montgomery and coach D.J. Mancillas of Eastlake. It’s the biggest ever girls tournament held in San Diego. We had 50 teams total and 300 girls on six mats and finished by 5:30 p.m. with awards.”

The girls competed in 14 weight classes, ranging from 101 to 235 pounds.

Teams were drawn with both within the San Diego Section and outside.

Brawley Union High School won the team title with 232.5 points while San Clemente finished second with 140 points.

Tournament host Olympian finished a strong third with 135 points while Mira Mesa placed fourth with 115 points.

Grossmont represented East County with 76 points in fourth place.

Fabunan said feedback from such a large tournament has been positive.

“I was very busy leading up and during the day but I’ve only heard great things and people have been very complimentary on how smooth it was from wrestlers, coaches, refs and fans,” he said.

“We had high caliber talent from San Diego and Southern Section that came to compete. Great matchups throughout the day. The finals bout at 126 between Kayla Edwards (from Rancho Buena Vista) and Chloe Tolentino (from Grossmont) was very exciting, while Birta (McCaskill from Mira Mesa at 111 pounds) fended off Fairmont SJC’s Kylee Golz, who came in with several national tournament wins. Savannah Gomez (from Brawley at 137 pounds) is world class and wrecked everyone she wrestled.”

Olympian had 10 place-finishers: Isabella King (second at 121), Celina Esquer (third at 126), Grace Neiman (fourth at 116), Makenna Harbin (fourth at 131), Alyeen Gomez (fourth at 143), Daia Kawashiro (fourth at 170), Isabella Ramirez (sixth at 101), Alisa Amenlina (sixth at 150), Aunica Vargas (sixth at 160) and Angelina Leal (sixth at 235).

“Starting the week there were 370 girls signed up,” Fabunan said. “Unfortunately, a few teams had to drop out for various reasons. But the future is bright for girls wrestling with numbers bouncing back after the COVID shortened spring season.

“It’s a bit ambitious but we hope to make Goddess of Olympia two days next season, attract great talent and become a prestigious tournament to attend.”

Brawley finished with four individual weight class champions and nine place-finishers overall.

Mira Mesa, Grossmont, Mt. Carmel, Valley Center, Crawford and El Cajon Valley also had weight class champions.

Metro Conference teams had 13 place-finishers.


Team Standings

  1. Brawley 232.5
  2. San Clemente 140
  3. Olympian 135
  4. Mira Mesa 115
  5. Grossmont 76
  6. (tie) Rancho Bernardo 66
  7. (tie) Valley Center 66
  8. (tie) Steele Canyon 59
  9. (tie) Sultana 59
  10. Rancho Buena Vista 44
  11. Mater Dei 40
  12. Hilltop 39
  13. Temescal Canyon 38
  14. (tie) Crawford 28
  15. (tie) El Cajon Valley 28
  16. (tie) Mt. Carmel 28
  17. Laguna Hills 27
  18. (tie) Clairemont 24
  19. (tie) University City 24
    20.Fairmojnt SJC 22
  1. (tie) Castle Park 20
  2. (tie) Holtville 20
  3. (tie) Point Loma 20
  4. Carlsbad 18
  5. Mt. Miguel 15
  6. West Hills 14
  7. (tie) Central Union 11
  8. (tie) Montgomery 11
  9. (tie) Bonita Vista 10
  10. (tie) Heritage 10
  11. (tie) Santana 10
  12. (tie) Torrey Pines 10
  13. Mar Vista 7
  14. San Pasqual 5
  15. Monte Vista 4
  16. Hamilton Anza 3
  17. Escondido 2


Most Valuable Wrestlers: Birta McCaskill (111 pounds) and Savannah Gomez (137 pounds)



101 Pounds

  1. Alica Serratos (Laguna Hills)
  2. Jaylee Cazares (Brawley)

3.Bella Sevillano (Steele Canyon)

  1. Retaj Ridna (San Clemente)
  2. Kaiya Lopes (Rancho Bernardo)
  3. Isabella Ramirez (Olympian)


106 Pounds

  1. Mary Santana (Brawley)
  2. Lexi Holguin (University Cty)
  3. Olivia Coates (Grossmont)
  4. Lexi Brummett (San Clemente)
  5. Forfeit
  6. Melisa Baltazar-Perez (Steele Canyon)
  7. Jo-Marie Aguilera (Hilltop)


111 Pounds

  1. Birta McCaskill (Mira Mesa)
  2. Kylee Golz (Fairmont SJC)
  3. Mia Navarro (Brawley)
  4. Jasmine Rodriguez (Castle Park)
  5. Forfeit
  6. Sophia Brice (San Clemente)
  7. Danytza Sandoval (Holtville)


116 Pounds

  1. Eden Hernandez (San Clemente)
  2. Helena Insko (Mira Mesa)
  3. Eve Norvan (Point Loma)
  4. Grace Neiman (Olympian)
  5. Forfeit
  6. Jocelyn Mendez (Brawley)
  7. Caledonia Astleford (Rancho Bernardo)


121 Pounds

  1. Delarie Juarez (Brawley)
  2. Isabella King (Olympian)
  3. Estella Wade (Sultana)
  4. Lena Truong (Mira Mesa)
  5. Forfeit
  6. Elizabeth Morales (Clairemont)
  7. Blayne Lopez-Griggs (Bonita Vista)


126 Pounds

  1. Chloe Tolentino (Grossmont)
  2. Kayla Edwards (Rancho Buena Vista)
  3. Celina Esquer (Olympian)
  4. Samantha Velazquez (Hilltop)
  5. Forfeit
  6. Gabriella Rine (Clairemont)
  7. Genesis Garcia (Brawley)


131 Pounds

  1. Milana Sims (Mt. Carmel)
  2. Alyssa Jones (Rancho Bernardo)
  3. Keyla Ajoleza (San Clemente)
  4. Makenna Harbin (Olympian)
  5. Forfeit
  6. Sarah Stevens (Grossmont)
  7. Yzabella Lopez (Centra Union)


137 Pounds

  1. Savannah Gomez (Brawley)
  2. Annabel He (Rancho Bernardo)
  3. Kyla Pattillo (Mira Mesa)
  4. Jennifer Pantoja (Carlsbad)
  5. Forfeit
  6. Berlyn Davis (San Clemente)
  7. Cara Cheng (Temescal Canyon)


143 Pounds

  1. Mariz Soliman (Temescal Canyon)
  2. Alexis Jimenez (Valley View)
  3. Gabriella Doran (Mater Dei)
  4. Alyeen Gomez (Olympian)
  5. Forfeit
  6. Kate Grizzle (Holtville)
  7. Jazmine Harton (Heritage)


150 Pounds

  1. Kyrra Young (Valley Center)
  2. Iris Diaz (Valley Center)
  3. Paola Alcantar (Brawley)
  4. Samantha Arce (Mater Dei)
  5. Forfeit
  6. Alisa Amelina (Olympian)
  7. Kyli Stanley (Grossmont)


160 Pounds

  1. Desiree Jones (Valley Center)
  2. Hannah Catungal (Mira Mesa)
  3. Laila Satterwhite (Sultana)
  4. Emma Contreras (Mt. Miguel)
  5. Forfeit
  6. Aunica Vargas (Olympian)
  7. Aurora Hardy (Torrey Pines)


170 Pounds

  1. Dylan Jardon (Brawley)
  2. Mia Garcia (Sultana)
  3. Dylan Tsuou (San Clemente)
  4. Daia Kawashiro (Olympian)
  5. Kendra Rojas (Temescal Canyon)
  6. Martina Rodriguez (Hilltop)


189 Pounds

  1. Foshay Mallard (Crawford)
  2. Faith Manis (Steele Canyon)
  3. Kiley McClain (Rancho Buena Vista)
  4. Aleczandria Montemayor (Brawley)
  5. Samiya Wright (West Hills)
  6. Alyssa Blancas (Vista)


235 Pounds

  1. Valeria Rocha (El Cajon Valley)
  2. Lily Mercado (San Clemente)
  3. Chinazaekpere Irechukwu (Brawley)
  4. Kennedi Jones (Steele Canyon)
  5. Forfeit
  6. Angelina Leal (Olympian)
  7. Eveylnn Coronado (Montgomery)

Note: Birta McCaskill (111) and Savannah Gomez (137) were named most outstanding wrestlers.

Lady Eagles soar at section’s largest girls wrestling tournament