#FoodieNews: Keeping it cool with two new places for ice cold treats

This past month was the best time, if any, for new businesses specializing in frozen goodness to open up shop. Beat the heat at these two delicious places.

Holy Paleta
Opening just two weeks ago on Bonita Road, Holy Paleta has already proven to be a favorite stop for many. Paletas are Mexican ice pops, a version of popsicles but uber fresh, containing fresh ingredients, fruit chunks and they come in an array of beautiful color. Inside Holy Paleta you’ll find just this, beautifully displayed hand-crafted popsicle goodness. One side of the freezer case is water-based flavors and the other side is milk- or cream-based flavors. Step one is choosing the paleta that calls to you. Once you choose, step two is to top your paleta with whatever you want! Different chocolate drizzles, nuts, candies; make it the way you want it!

Must try: Pop Spicy (think chamango!), strawberry stuffed with condensed milk, avocado drizzled with white or dark chocolate, guanabana, flavor of the month.

Thaicy Rolls Creamery

We have a rolled-ice creamery in the south! Located on Plaza Boulevard, Thaicy Rolls Creamery serves Thai street vendor-
inspired rolled ice creams.

The organic bases are mixed with your choice of fruit or other toppings in made-to-order fashion, then scraped and rolled and topped with more toppings or placed in a waffle taco shell!

For those who can’t afford the guilt of a cheat day, fear not — this place serves a high protein base as an option.

Holy Paleta is at 4230 Bonita Road in Bonita. Thaicy Rolls Creamery is at 2720 E. Plaza Blvd., Suite T, in National City.

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