#FoodieNews: A longtime favorite — Hanaoka

The sesame fried chicken is consistently good at Hanaoka in National City. Photo by Kris Galicia Brown

As I was contemplating which establishment to highlight this month, it occured to me that as much as I like to highlight new businesses popping up in the South County, I equally love to highlight our solid favorites, and I haven’t done that in a while.

The places I consider solid favorites are the go-to food establishments that have endured through significant change in their respective neighborhood, a changing economy, time in general, but still popular and dependable for a delicious meal.

I’d thus like to highlight Hanaoka Japanese Restaurant, located at 1528 Sweetwater Rd., Suite C, in National City.

This place was established in 1986 and to this day I can say that this place has been one of my longtime favorites. I’ve been eating at Hanaoka regularly since childhood and continue having meals here quite often with my husband and kids. This place is still relevant and popular in our community.

A good restaurant has to have good food, obviously. But I argue that there’s another element to that. Consistency is what I look for. Having a great meal, then coming back and having that same great meal consistently is what keeps customers loyal.

Meals at Hanaoka are consistent. The sesame fried chicken is always clutch. You know what you’re getting and you know it’s going to be exactly what you picture and taste in your mind. I am so appreciative of that. Over the years, their staff has also always been consistently warm and inviting.

Some things to try if you haven’t been in a while: sesame fried chicken, Karaage chicken (you can order it as a meal or an appetizer) and all the sushi rolls named after various areas around San Diego. Wash it all down with the all-day happy-hour sake and beer menu combos.

Website: hanaoka-restaurant.com.

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