Best late night dining in Chula Vista is at Harvey’s Lounge inside Seven Mile Casino

Long after the sun sets, or just just before the sun rises, the choices for dining in the South Bay area are slim pickings, with choices narrowly including tacos or “Moons Over My Hammy.”

Sometimes, an opportunity for a late-night meal should include a glass of wine, a cocktail, cloth napkins, heavy metal silverware, a fire pit, outdoor seating and a menu that includes a variety of familiar gourmet dishes, without the stuffy upscale dress code, cost or the kitchen closing at a certain time.

My favorite little hidden spot for a large variety of food after most restaurants close, is a place that flies under the radar and a location unrealized by most. Harvey’s Lounge, which can’t be missed because it’s the entire back end of Seven Mile Casino, deliciously serves the large majority of its extensive five-page menu (including breakfast dishes) 24 hours every day.

A variety of steak and seafood choices can be ordered until midnight and Asian favorites are served until 2 a.m. Last call for drinks is at 1:30 a.m.

Dishes you should definitely try are the garlic salt and pepper chicken wings. This item is the establishment’s top seller and rightfully so. They are so crisp, flavorful and the super crispy garlic pieces are sure to put the late night vampires at bay.

For those who crave a variety, the sampler platter has a little bit of all the other popular appetizers. Other favorites include prime pub steak, whole red snapper and jambalaya mac and cheese. Daily specials are offered as well.

Seven Mile Casino is located at 285 Bay Boulevard between H Street and E Street in Chula Vista. When the hunger hits, you can bet on Harvey’s Lounge to bring late-night satisfaction; no gamble here. And no gambling required to visit.

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