MJ’s Yogurt Time and Deli — it isn’t what’s in a name … it’s much more

Another favorite hidden gem of mine in our community is MJ’s Yogurt Time and Deli. This place absolutely excites me. The menu is full of delicious flavors and trust me, your taste buds will be delighted.

MJ’s Yogurt Time and Deli, located across the street from Southwestern College, is not exactly a yogurt shop, nor is it a deli. It does serve frozen yogurt, like avocado froyo, but that’s just a bonus, so to speak. This eatery serves the most creative and eclectic food I’ve eaten in the South Bay, served by the humblest and kindest of people — Mr. MJ, himself.

In theory, one should be able to decipher the type of food an establishment serves just by its name. In this case, that assumption is completely improper. Shakespeare makes a fine point in his famous line, “What’s in a name?” Because, in this case, that which we call a meal at MJ’s by any other name would taste just as unique.

So what do they serve, exactly? A lengthy two-step menu with dishes that are a fusion of Filipino, Mexican and Islander foods. The combination of flavors is so refreshing to the palette. There’s no doubt that MJ has a passion for fusion. He’s a master of remixing flavors like you’ve never experienced before.

MJ’s is known for its longanisa fries; french fries topped with longanisa, cheese, fried egg and a finely shredded Asian salad.

Another popular menu item is the 805 South burrito, named after our beloved interstate. It contains french fries, cheese, house-made sauces, fried eggs, meat (nine delicious meat choices) and lumpia.

You even have the choice to deep fry the burrito to turn it into a chimichanga if you wish.

The chamorro rice bowl (red rice) is a must-try as well.

Find MJ’s Yogurt Time and Deli at 1550 East H St., Chula Vista. Call (619) 600-3560.

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