Tax burden

As San Diego grapples with a lack of new and affordable housing, our state representatives are working on legislation to tax the path to a solution.

There is a bill (SB1105) that has quietly made its way to the California State Assembly’s Appropriations Committee to create a new San Diego County housing agency called the San Diego Regional Equitable and Environmentally Friendly Affordable Housing Agency.

The goals sound good in theory – to raise, administer, and allocate funding for affordable housing preservation and new affordable housing production. However, this bill introduces another layer of bureaucracy that the County doesn’t need.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors has the tools needed to enact funding mechanisms for housing development. SB 1105 would create a separate housing agency with a board composed of SANDAG representatives and a separate group of advisors. This new agency’s board would be given the authority to impose significant taxes and fees on businesses and homeowners.

This bill adds a layer of bureaucracy that is not helpful in supporting our region’s residents and housing needs. I’m the Executive Director of the Southern California Rental Housing Association and our organization is strongly against this measure which puts another tax burden on San Diegans.