Strange denials

“In The Heat of The Night”; “The Long Hot Summer”; “Some Like It Hot”; “Heat”; “The Heat”; “Heat and Dust”; “Heat and Sunlight”; “The Heat of the Day”; “Heat of the Sun”; “Heat Wave”; “They Drive By Night”; “Thirst.” There have been seasonal monsoon rains in India for century. A monsoon is a deluge with many inches of rain in a short period of time. The misnomer monsoonal moisture has crept into local weather forecasts on a few station.

That refers to the tail end of storms, or an infrequent hurricane from Mexico. There are four climate zones in San Diego County. TV maps show a straight horizontal line at the bottom which is the southern border of the county. Over 90% of local news is exactly. We are about ten miles north of Tijuana.

There is an infrequent tidbit of news about TJ and Mexico which appears on broadcasts here. Global warming which is the most important component of climate change is now part of the news. A part of the strange times we live in is that some people deny portions of the truth and make up their own facts. That is weird, and not healthy in the long run.

Deuel Woodward resides in Chula Vista.