Red Devils tradition

Tradition never graduates.

This past Friday night the Sweetwater Red Devil football team wore black uniform pants and jerseys.

We want to make something clear here regarding the black uniforms, if it was a one-time deal we could understand. However, for some unknown reason —and this has to be resolved— how come basketball has no problem with alumni support?

Basketball doesn’t change the school colors; basketball has a annual alumni night in January that is sold out every year.

Some coaches that didn’t attend Sweetwater High School want to lash out at alumni for not being involved. How come basketball and the baseball teams don’t have this problem? The bottom line is, they don’t change the school colors and they have plenty of support from the alumni. Listen, Sweetwater High school is a community school, we are not a charter school or a private school or anything like that. We are a community school and have been a community school for well over 100 years and most alumni stay in this community after they graduate and most of them stay in touch with the school. You don’t change tradition.

Why ? Because, tradition never graduates.

My name is Mark Baca and I am a Red Devil.

Mark Baca resides in National City.