Open carry laws for everyone?

The Founding Fathers of The United States placed the 2nd Amendment with the the right to bear arms in the Constitution when the existence of our country was threatened by England. The muskets and pistols used at that time only fired one shot before being reloaded.

Gun violence was sporadic in the 20th century. Nonetheless JFK, his brother Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr were all assassinated by gunfire in the 1960’s. Now in recent years Americans are gunned down every day. There are days when shootings occur in more than one part of the country.

It is not the same, or even similar in other countries. There are police in England who don’t carry a gun. The ownership of guns there is far lower. Each year in England more people are killed by knives, than with guns. Some Republicans believe everyone should have guns. Then life now would wilder than it ever was in The Wild West. Will this ever diminish with the NRA and others clamoring for open carry laws everyone, and no limits at all?

Deuel Woodward resides in Chula Vista.