No sanity clause in world’s fine print

President Biden began well. Now he can’t pass his expensive, complicated, though necessary bills. Two senators are holding up the Democratic party. Sinema and Machin are the tails wagging the dog. Evidently Chuck Schumer can’t persuade the to act like members of their own party. It would have been smarter for Democrats to work on the For The People bill which would make it easy for all registered voters to cast their ballots. The reason why huge spending bills face an uphill battle to pass is that 6.5 trillion dollars were spent on wars in the Middle East which achieved very little. Those wars began when George W. Bush was President. Trillions were spent by Trump. Now Republicans act like spending more is absurd.

There are many intelligent leaders in the world. Thousands of brilliant scientists are working on climate change, renewable energy, infrastructure, and a host of other problems. Maybe small countries have more success and prosperity than the US simply because it is easier to govern a few million people than a few hundred million people. George Clooney thought about getting into politics. He decided not to. The problems are too daunting, and critics lambast you for every awkward phasing in a speech, or any small error. Why isn’t the world more peaceful and prosperous with so many knowledgeable people in it? Groucho Marx once said there is no sanity clause.