New breakfast in town: Franco’s Flapjack Family Restaurant is a must try


There’s a new hot breakfast spot in town! Franco’s Flapjack Family Restaurant is the newest delicious addition to grace Bonita.

Located at 4164 Bonita Road, this place has the coziness of a small town family restaurant where everyone will eventually know your name because it’ll be difficult to keep from coming back! I’m hooked and I know you will be too!

After opening just four months ago, this place has already won the hearts and stomachs of many. Without a website and a barely-present presence on social media, I wondered how word was spreading about this place.

One way I learned was from a man who was pleased with his breakfast experience so much that he took it upon himself to write a highly positive review — not online, but typed, printed, cut and taped 4-inch x 3-inch pieces of paper throughout nearby apartment and condo communities.

You can see a copy of this fun, charming ad and review (that another patron unstuck and brought in) taped by the staff on the mirror, near the exit door.

The menu at Franco’s Flapjack is incredibly extensive! Breakfast is served all day, as well as lunch and dinner items. Steak and eggs (made with top-choice beef cuts), Benedicts, omelets, frittatas, salads, burgers, hot and cold sandwiches and wraps — classic American fare; so many choices, all made to order. The portions are large and filling.

I’ll have you know that this is a scratch kitchen. All foods are made from scratch, including the large biscuits and muffins. Potatoes are boiled and shredded for hash browns and chopped to make home fries. They go as far as grinding their own coffee and making the most delicious freshly squeezed orange juice daily.

During my visit, I had the colorful flaming frittata, a great choice if you love spicy foods. I chose home fries, which were season perfectly, and a homemade biscuit for my sides. I also had the French toast topped with strawberries.

Franco’s French toast is fluffy, not too sweet and pairs perfectly with warmed syrup — yes, they serve their syrup warmed. The love is in the small details.

Great homestyle breakfasts are hard to come by in the South Bay — until now. Franco’s Flapjack Family Restaurant serves it up any time of day. You’ll taste the difference! I hope to see you there with your families soon!

Franco’s Flapjack
Family Restaurant
4164 Bonita Road

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New breakfast in town: Franco’s Flapjack Family Restaurant is a must try