National City mayor touts wondrous change


In his 10th annual State of the City address delivered at Cornerstone Church of San Diego, National City Mayor Ron Morrison said great things are happening in National City.

Morrison said the city remains at the forefront of affordable housing for their residents by having more available in the county.

The first phase of the Paradise Creek affordable housing project is set to be completed by the end of the year. Phase two broke ground over the summer. Paradise Creek will bring in 201 affordable rental homes and a public park to National City, removing contamination and revitalizing the community in the process.

“Great living opportunities for families, right next to the trolley station,” Morrison said. “Bringing a whole new concept to live work.”

Morrison also said down the street from Paradise Creek will be the newly opened 4,700-square-foot National City Aquatic Center where families and residents can have access to the waterfront.

Not only is the city booming with affordable housing, Morrison said there has been a lot of business growth in the county’s second oldest city. Businesses such as the East Coast fast-food chain Freddy’s on Mile of Cars Way, and the  bakery 85 Degrees on Plaza Boulevard are bringing in people from all over the county, Morrison said.

California Sen. Ben Hueso attended the event and said National City’s economic development leads to more employment.

“National City is one of the leading employers in our county. They are doing things right here by creating jobs.”

The Live Well Center has also made its way to National City, Morrison said. This center puts all of the different county services in one building.

Morrison also touted the city’s new skate park and renovations to Kimball Park that include more and better lighting, new bathrooms, new score shacks and pavilions.

Samantha Roberts recently moved from El Cajon to National City because of the potential the city has.

“National City is a great place to live because it is a city on the rise,” she said. “National City has everything, new businesses, new career opportunities and lots of housing.”

Morrison said National City’s old, negative reputation is no more as the city now serves as an eample for other cities throughout the county.

‘There was a time when peopled looked down on National City,” he said.  “And that was not too long ago, but now people are looking up to National City.”

Morrison’s State of the City address centered around a video production of Alice in Wonderland. In the video, Morrison traveled through Wonderland to get through National City.

National City mayor touts wondrous change