Meals for students

Despite campus closures meal distributions continue throughout South County. (courtesy photo)

In April, a week’s worth of meals (breakfast and lunch) will be passed out on Tuesday’s from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m at the following locations:

  • Bonita Vista Middle, 650 Otay Lakes Road in Chula Vista
  • Castle Park High, 1395 Hilltop Drive in Chula Vista
  • Chula Vista Middle, 415 5th Ave. in Chula Vista
  • Chula Vista High, 820 4th Ave. in Chula Vista
  • Eastlake High, 1120 Eastlake Parkway in Chula Vista
  • Granger Jr. High, 2101 Granger Ave. in National City
  • Hilltop High, 555 Claire Ave. in Chula Vista
  • Mar Vista Academy, 1267 Thermal Ave. in San Diego
  • Montgomery Middle, 1051 Picador Blvd. in San Diego
  • National City Middle, 1701 D Ave. in National City
  • Otay Ranch High, 1250 Olympic Parkway in Chula Vista
  • San Ysidro High, 5353 Airway Road in San Diego
  • Southwest Middle, 2710 Iris Ave. in San Diego
  • Sweetwater High, 2900 Highland Ave. in National City

Chula Vista Elementary School District is continuing to give out meals Monday through Friday beginning at 10 a.m. while supplies last. Students who are receiving meals need to be physically present. A breakfast and a lunch meal will be provided at the following:

• Feaster Charter School, 670 Flower St. in Chula Vista
• Harborside Elementary School, 681 Naples St. in Chula Vista
• Hilltop Drive Elementary School, 30 Murray St. in Chula Vista
• Juarez-Lincoln Elementary School, 849 Twining Ave. in San Diego
• Loma Verde Elementary School, 1450 Loma Lane in Chula Vista
• Montgomery Elementary School 1601 4th Ave. in Chula Vista
• Otay Elementary School, 1651 Albany Ave. in Chula Vista
• Rice Elementary School, 915 4th Ave. in Chula Vista
• Vista Square Elementary School, 540 G Chula Vista

National School District will also be distributing meals Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Las Palmas Elementary School, located at 1900 E. 18th St, in National City.

According to the National School District website, all children will be provided a lunch and breakfast meal at the same time and meals will be provided for anyone 18 and under regardless of what school or district they attend.


This story was updated April 16, 2020.


Meals for students