Mass transportation routes to make rapid freeway transit


On June 21, the San Diego Association of Governments, the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, and Caltrans launched the three-year Bus on Shoulder pilot project. The projects allow South Bay Rapid buses to use select freeway shoulders along Interstate 805 and State Route 94 to bypass slow traffic during peak travel times between National City and downtown San Diego.

Drivers are specially trained for the region’s first use of transit vehicle-to-infrastructure technology, allowing buses to communicate with ramp meters. Equipped with driver assistance technology, sensors that monitor the lanes to provide audio and visual alerts, allows drivers to help avoid potential conflicts.

Buses will only enter freeway shoulders when travel lanes are operating under 35 miles per hour and will travel at a maximum speed of 35 mph. Once the three-year demonstration is complete, a project team will assess the project, review on-time performance data, travel speeds, technology use, enforcement issues, and rider and driver feedback. Participating agencies will utilize this data in planning future projects that include vehicle-to-infrastructure technology.

Commuters may see Rapid buses driving in the shoulder from Monday to Friday between 3-9 a.m. (northbound I-805 and westbound SR 94) and 3-7 p.m. (eastbound SR 94 and southbound I-805 connector). Commuters should not follow buses on the shoulder as it should always remain available for law enforcement and emergencies.

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Mass transportation routes to make rapid freeway transit