Insight into human nature

We have tried to win the hearts and minds of people in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries. Trillions of dollars have been spent on wars. Thousands of American lives have been lost, and tens of thousands suffered permanent injuries. Only meager results have been achieved. No end is in sight yet in the Middle East. Combat veterans return home with lots of proficiency in using various weapons.

The Civil War was fought so that all Americans would learn that people are equal regardless of their skin pigmentation. Those who couldn’t accept the long bloody war ending in victory by the North maintained their prejudices. Now we still have a perceptual divide between polarized political parties, and endless disputes over the power of the Federal Government, and States’ rights. A human being is a human being with no exceptions. All are created equally. However with the status quo large numbers simply won’t accept it.

Mexico has one store in the whole country where guns can legally be sold. Those are half a dozen types of handguns. No assault rifles. So why does Mexico have a high rate of gun violence, which can be on the border in Tijuana and Juarez? Most weapons in Mexico were smuggled in from from our side. We give them guns and tourists. They give us drugs, immigrants, and asylum seekers.

There are other nations in the world which make very different than ours. England has shorter elections. Their parliamentary form of democracy also has decision making problems on occasion. Violent crimes happen there. The frequency is less than in the US, casualties are far lower, and more crimes there are committed with knives due to a much lower prevalence of gun ownership. England has a Firearms Amendment Act since 1997. Citizens who want to own a gun must have written permission from the Home Secretary. A small number of the police their carry guns on duty. Many don’t like to handle, or use them. Hearts and minds differ in the country which still has a queen.

Republicans believe that the solution to an epidemic of gun violence in America is to buy more and more guns with any slightest regulation of them blocked. Millions of guns were sold after Obama was elected. Five million guns were sold in January 2021. Do Republicans fear Democrats? They tried to take over all of the government under Trump. They still try to do so in states with majority legislatures dominated by their party.

Democrats in Congress are forced to use reconciliation to overcome filibusters. Intelligent people solve problems while avoiding violence. George Washington wrote that,”The arts and sciences essential to the proseperity of the State, and to the ornament and happiness of human life, have a primary claim to the encouragement of every lover of his country, and of mankind.” George and other Founding Fathers had insight into human nature.

Deuel Woodward resides in Chula Vista.