Focus on yourself this new year at Downtown Chula Vista

After spending months focusing on others by getting them gifts, cooking big meals, and spending quality time with others, the new year calls for you to focus on yourself! Whether or not you want to admit it, self-care is an important step to take when preparing for a new year and cannot be skipped over. So, this is your sign to go to the South Bay neighborhood and start the process of centering yourself before the year takes you over.

Dominic Li Mandri

Take a Stroll
One of the easiest yet most overlooked ways to focus on yourself is just by spending time by yourself in nature. Start the year by making it a routine to stop by Agave Coffee and Café for a Pepper Dark Mocha or a Flan Caramelccino (if you’re tired of the seasonal flavors), walk around Memorial Park in the early morning, and enjoy the sounds of the birds chirping and chilly cool weather. After walking around Memorial Park, you’ll probably be hungry so stroll on down to GrindHouse for a hearty breakfast meal such as the Bacon Egg Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich made with scrambled eggs, hickory smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and chipotle ranch served on a house made English Muffin.

New Year Newfound Confidence
Starting the year with a new hairstyle is always a good way to make a statement about moving forward with a “new year new me” mindset. So, tackle the newfound confidence at Champagne Hair Salon where they offer all the hair services you can imagine. Whether you want to switch it up by chopping it all off or getting to dye your hair a different color, you’ll walk out of Champagne Hair Salon, Shear Envy or Hidden Beauty with a new attitude and new do. Right down the street is also Ambiance Hair Lounge where you can fully put your trust in the hairstylists to make your hair dreams a reality. If you prefer a different type of cut, Barbershop Heaven is well like the name says…heaven. Here, the barbers strive to provide a modern twist to the classical barber shop we all can appreciate by having a welcoming atmosphere and quality care. Mickey Lou’s barbershop is also another barbershop that will open the gates to a clean, sharp cut that will have you prepared to take on the new year. While you’re there enjoy a cold beer or a warm whiskey to really treat yourself out!

Believe in the Power of a Good Mani and Pedi
Underestimated by many, a solid manicure and pedicure can go along way. By stopping by Das Haus of Beauty, you can fix your nails that you’ve been avoiding on fixing because of all the hard work you were doing with your hands during the holiday season. Upgrade the simple clear coat and strive for any design you wish to have because here they can create any design and the length you choose. But you can’t forget about the pedicures to go along with it! At Maile’s Nails, you can sit back in the big comfy chairs and enjoy the pampering while getting a deluxe pedicure. Let the professionals work their magic and celebrate yourself as you walk out of the couple of hours session feeling ready to tackle what’s to come with a clean set of nails.

Relax, Refresh,
and Recharge
If you had a dime for every time you said “I think I need a massage” in the past year, how rich do you think you’d be? It has definitely crossed the minds of many especially during stressful times of the year and though we seldom decide to actually do something about it, this time of the year is the perfect chance to take yourself up on your word and book that massage! Balensi Spa knows how important it is to take time out of your daily routine, escape from the screens, and tune in to your own body. Along with booking a massage of your choice, you can also add on a hydrating facial truly feel like you’re taking care of all parts of your body. Right around the corner is Holistic Spa Palace, a small women-owned business, that also has a wide range of services to help you focus on yourself. From acupuncture to men’s manicures to hot stone therapy, Holistic Spa Palace is the place you’re looking for on your wellness journey.
Set your standards early on in the year on how you choose to take on 2023 and hopefully that means to focus on yourself and your well-being!

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