Fast and furious: Metro-Mesa League track finals are a blur

Otay Ranch High School junior Zamaria Mack claimed individual championships in both the girls 100- and 300-meter low hurdles events. Photo by Phillip Brents

Show-stoppers and headliners were spotlighted at this year’s Metro-Mesa League track and field championship meet May 2 at Otay Ranch High School.

Bonita Vista High School senior Anthony Wise collected four medals (three of them gold and one silver) while Eastlake sophomore Jaeyln Williams was not to be out-done with three individual gold medals.

For extra measure, Otay Ranch’s Arynn Sanders and Zamaria Mack each snared four medals (three gold and one bronze).

Olympian senior Angel Cordero worked hard to win his fourth consecutive gold medal in the boys 800 run (1:55.11) while earning first-place finishes in the 4×400 and 4×800 relays.

Otay Ranch senior Anyah Stevenson won gold medals in the girls long jump (17-4.75) and triple jump (36-4) and hurdles silver.

Olympian junior Gabrielle Hawkins won gold in the girls 400 dash (59.24) and 4×400 relay (4:03.37).

Bonita Vista High School senior Anthony Wise collected four medals (three gold medals) to snare the spotlight as this year’s Mesa League Male Field Athlete of the Meet. Photo by Phillip Brents

All that glitters
Wise captured gold medals in the boys pole vault (12-6), long jump (21-1.25) and triple jump (42-6.5) and took second place in the boys 4×100 relay (43.58).

He said his most satisfying gold medal was in the pole vault. “It was redemption after taking second place last year,” he said. “It was very rewarding.”

The surprise was in the long jump. “I wasn’t sure I could get that mark, but I did that,” he said.

Last year’s finishes were second in the pole vault (10-6) and triple jump (43-6) and fourth in the long jump (20-0).

“He’s worked hard since he was a freshman; he deserves it,” BVHS jumps coach Joe Sheffield said.

Eastlake High School sophomore Jaelyn Williams tripled in three individual events to snare the spotlight as this year’s Mesa League Female Track Athlete of the Meet. Photo by Phillip Brents

Williams won the 800-meter run in 2:17.00, 1600-meter run in 4:50.22 and 3200-meter run in 10:26.38.

She won handily in all three events, finishing four seconds ahead of her nearest challenger in the 800, 30 seconds in the 1600 and 86 seconds in the 3200.

She expects to end her season in the state championship meet.

“It was nice,” she said in recording the individual distance triple. “It was a last fling with my teammates. I was just trying to get some decent times; I didn’t want to go all out.”

Sanders won individual golds in the girls 100-meter dash (12.52), 200-meter dash (26.13) and 4×100-meter relay (48.37) while earning a bronze medal in the 4×400-meter relay (4:08.13).

Mack won individual golds in the girls 100-meter low hurdles (14.97), 300-meter low hurdles (44.85) and 4×100-meter relay while earning a bronze medal in the 4×400-meter relay. She has her sights on higher levels.

“I feel like I have a lot more to do,” she said. “I’m far from where I want to be. I can say I’ve given it my best, but I know I have a lot more to give from myself.”

Otay Ranch High School senior Arynn Sanders speeds to victory in the girls 4×100-meter relay to face off this year’s Mesa League track and field finals May 2 at Otay Ranch High School. Sanders also won gold medals in the girls 100 dash and 200 dash to highlight a four-medal performance. Photo by Phillip Brents

2024 Metro-Mesa League Track & Field Championships

May 2 at Otay Ranch high School

Boys Running Events

100: 1. Tolani Osinflarin (Otay Ranch) 11.20, 2. Austin Snook (Bonita Vista) 11.39, 3. Jacob Meraz (Otay Ranch) 11.46

200: 1. Gevonni Richey (Otay Ranch) 22.52, 2. Jacob Meraz (Otay Ranch) 22.64, 3. Dallas Corbett (Otay Ranch) 22.74

400: 1. Dallas Corbett (Otay Ranch) 49,65, 2. Jaylon Graves (Olympian) 50.67, 3. Caleb Kipp (Eastlake) 50.80

800: 1. Angel Cordero (Olympian) 1:55.11, 2. Anthony Estrella (Olympian) 1:57.11, 3. Ian Ridge (Bonita Vista) 2:01.23

1600: 1. Sebastian Aranda (Bonita Vista) 4:29.24, 2. Jack Degenhardt (Olympian) 4:36.11, 3. Matteo Garcia (Sweetwater) 4:37.15

3200: 1. Zachary Shorey (Otay Ranch) 9:56.53, 2. Joaquin Gutierrez (Olympian) 9:58.65, 3. Sebastian Aranda (Bonita Vista) 10:00.52

110 high hurdles: 1. Jermarrion Williams (Otay Ranch) 15.39, 2. Fabian Resler (Otay Ranch) 15.47, 3. Kohner Griffiths (Olympian) 15.58

300 intermediate hurdles: 1. Fabian Resler (Otay Ranch) 40.59, 2. Jermarrion Williams (Otay Ranch) 40.86, 3. Nathan Linck (Eastlake) 40.98

4×100 relay: 1. Otay Ranch (Dallas Corbett, Sean Burks, Gevonni Richey, Tolani Osinflarin) 42.95, 2. Bonita Vista (Jayden Peterson, Austin Snook, Emilio Gollaz, Anthony Wise) 43.58, 3. Olympian (Tristan Anderson, Caleb Castro, Ethan Roberts, Chase Lujan) 43.90

4×400 relay: 1. Olympian (Jaylon Graves, Caleb Castro, Anthony Estrella, Angel Cordero) 3:26.36, 2. Eastlake (Charles Leon, Jacob Lovell, Andreaz Ramos, Caleb Kipp) 3:27.17, 3. Otay Ranch (Dallas Corbett, Joshua Daffron, Gabriel Leyva, Jeremiah Wardrobe) 3:28.04

4×800 relay: 1. Olympian (Andrew Gainer, Anthony Estrella, Jack Degenhardt, Angel Cordero) 8:39.85, 2. Bonita Vista (Dylan Funk, Jose Godinez, Julian Valdivia, Aaron Tighe) 9:04.43

Olympian senior Angel Cordero claimed his fourth consecutive boys 800-meter league championship. Photo by Phillip Brents
Otay Ranch’s Zach Shorey won the boys 3200-meter run by a two-second margin in a relatively tight field. Photo by Phillip Brents

Boys Field Events

Shot put: 1. Caleb Addleman (Eastlake) 46-7, 2. Iain Evans (Otay Ranch) 45-6, 3. Zarayan Crews (Sweetwater) 44-5

Discus throw: 1. Zarayan Crews (Sweetwater0 130-4, 2. Ceejay Clavier (Olympian) 124-8, 3. Angel Solorio (Sweetwater) 123-3

High jump:: 1. Jerry Stokes (Bonita Vista) 6-2, 2. Tyler Scott (Bonita Vista) 6-0, 3. Jerome Smith (Sweetwater) 5-10

Pole vault: 1. Anthony Wise (Bonita Vista) 12-6, 2. Dane von Guenthner (Otay Ranch) 12-0, 3. Aidan Burgar (Eastlake) 11-0

Long jump: 1. Anthony Wise (Bonita Vista) 21-1.25, 2. Jayden Peterson (Bonita Vista) 20-11.25, 3. Jacob Shaw (Olympian) 20-6.5

Triple jump: 1. Anthony Wise (Bonita Vista) 42-6.5, 2. Jaiden Ingram (Otay Ranch) 41-11, 3. Kyler Griffiths (Olympian) 41-6

Girls Running Events

100: 1. Arynn Sanders (Otay Ranch) 15.52, 2. Aubrey Tibayan (Olympian) 12.75, 3. Kamlyn Huang (Otay Ranch) 12.90

200: 1. Arynn Sanders (Otay Ranch) 26.13, 2. Mia Ramirez (Bonita Vista) 26.91, 3. Sarai Rodriguez (Olympian) 26.93

400: 1. Gabrielle Hawkins (Olympian) 59.24, 2. Sofia Nunez (Bonita Vista) 59.54, 3. Samara Maldonado (Eastlake) 1:00.02

800: 1. Jaelyn Williams (Eastlake) 2:17.00, 2. Greyson Mains (Eastlake) 2:25.17, 3. Alicia Parise (Otay Ranch) 2:27.36

1600: 1. Jaelyn Williams (Eastlake) 4:50.22, 2. Aviva DeVore (Otay Ranch) 5:20.67, 3. Isabel Lara (Olympian) 5:25.22

3200: 1. Jaelyn Williams (Eastlake) 10:26.38, 2. Aviva DeVore (Otay Ranch) 11:51.67; 3. Isabel Lara (Olympian) 12:05.36

100 low hurdles: 1. Zamaria Mack (Otay Ranch) 14.97, 2. Anyah Stevenson (Otay Ranch) 15.43, 3. Isabella Robinson (Eastlake) 15.77

300 low hurdles: 1. Zamaria Mack (Otay Ranch) 44.85, 2. Anyah Stevenson (Otay Ranch) 47.21, 3. Isabella Robinson (Eastlake) 47.85

4×100 relay: 1. Otay Ranch (Zamaria Mack, Arynn Sanders, Kamlyn Huang, Anaya Carter) 48.37, 2. Olympian (Leilani Tello, Sarai Rodriguez, Gabrielle Hawkins, Aubrey Tibayan) 49.23, 3. Bonita Vista (Christina Harris, Tatiana Colon, Mia Ramirez, Sofia Garay) 50.57

4×400 relay: 1. Olympian (Leilani Tello, Kelena Gallardo, Ari Anderson, Gabrielle Hawkins) 4:03.37, 2. Eastlake (Jenna Cesena, Isabella Robinson, Sheridan Roche, Samara Maldonado) 4:04.45, 3. Otay Ranch (Zamaria Mack, Kamlyn Huang, Arynn Sanders, Samone Cable) 4:08.13

4×800 relay: 1. Eastlake (Andrea Prado-Tamayo, Sienna Blanco, Vanessa Vuong, Greyson Mains) 10:15.02, 2. Olympian (Alyssa Alaman, Daniela Bravo, Isabel Lara, Kelena Gallardo) 10:25.16


Girls Field Events

Shot put: 1. Gabriella Colon Gipson (Otay Ranch) 41-2, 2. Kamryn Williams (Olympian) 32-10.5, 3. Anelina Pimentel (Otay Ranch) 31-2

Discus throw: 1. Mara Savaiinaea (Otay Ranch) 127-6, 2. Gabriella Colon Gipson (Otay Ranch) 114-0, 3. Mereane Savaiinaea (Otay Ranch) 97-3

High jump: 1. Claire Schroeder (Otay Ranch) 5-2, 2. Alyssa Martin (Olympian) 5-0, 3. Samone Cable (Otay Ranch) 5-0

Pole vault: 1. Mackenzie List (Eastlake) 9-6, 2. Paulina Escajadillo (Bonita Vista) 9-6, 3. Jordin DeOcampo (Eastlake) 9-6

Long jump: 1. Anyah Stevenson (Otay Ranch) 17-4.75, 2. Neveah Elefante (Bonita Vista) 16-11.25, 3. Alyssa Martin (Olympian) 16-6.75

Triple jump: 1. Anyah Stevenson (Otay Ranch) 36-4, 2. Natalie Guevara (Bonita Vista) 36-1, 3. Alena Ramirez (Bonita Vista) 34-4.5


Athletes of the Meet

Track Male — Dallas Corbett (Otay Ranch)

Track Female — Jaelyn Williams (Eastlake)

Field Male — Anthony Wise (Bonita Vista)

Field Female — Anyah Stevenson (Otay Ranch)

League Championship Teams — Otay Ranch High School (male and female)



South Bay League Finals
Athletes of the Meet

  • Female Track Athlete of the Year – Diana Loredo (Southwest HS)
  • Female Field Athlete of the Year – Zoe Cruz (Mater Dei Catholic HS)
  • Male Track Athlete of the Year – Matthew Carr (Mater Dei Catholic HS)
  • Male Field Athlete of the Year – Mekhi Oluwa (Mater Dei Catholic HS)
  • League Championship Teams – Hilltop High School (both boys and girls teams)