Eatery offers ‘Divine’ between meals snack

Priscilla Curiel

Downtown Chula Vista is celebrating many of its women owned businesses on Third Avenue in honor of Women’s History Month. One of many, Priscilla Curiel, owner of Mujer Divina in National City, is bringing her business to Chula Vista with the opening of Mujer Divina Coffee and Tuetano Taco Shop.

Curiel said Mujer Divina is a coffee shop that specializes in the “in between meal” with the Mexican styled burritos from Northern Mexico.

“The inspiration came when I was working in San Ysidro at Tuetano Taqueria which will open soon here next to Mujer Divina here on Third Avenue,” she said. “I used to make burritos for myself and my staff for breakfast, and during the pandemic, one of our businesses shut down in National City. We were left with the lease for several months until I decided to make the burrito shop, making the same burritos we made at Tuetano Taqueria and pair them with specialty lattes inspired in Mexican flavors.”

Curiel said she loves being on Third Avenue and has gained a great following. She said many people already drove to National City for the burritos and that this new location is closer to many of her clientele. The new taqueria next to the coffee shop will be Curiel’s fourth business, and she has plans to expand the coffee shop. The taqueria will feature a menu that specializes in birria, a flavorful meat stew, but will also offer the classics that will taste just like a home cooked meal.

“Mujer Divina will be expanding to more of a sit down,” she said. “Mujer Divina has always been more of a casual grab-and-go coffee shop, but we eventually want to make an extension to it, make it more of a sit-down shop that offers more Mexican delicacies.”

Curiel’s culinary journey began with her memories of her working at her parents’ Mexican eatery, Talavera Azul, also on Third Avenue. With a decade spent honing her skills in the family kitchen and her specialty birria at nearby breweries, Curiel’s passion for creating delectable bites and sips only intensified. Fueled by her food-focused upbringing, she pursued formal training at the Art Institute of San Diego.