Ban for peace and quiet


I have adapted to living and working from home fairly well.

I am looking at it as a prelude to retirement, and a chance to catch up on all the little stuff there was never enough time to do.

I do not feel that my freedoms have been impinged upon by governmental restrictions and believe that we should slowly come out into the public.

There is one thing though that will drive me from my home, and that is/are the Robo calls.
Yesterday I received six separate calls from Google chiding me for not having updated my information on their directory.

Amazon has gotten into the mix as there were two calls from them inviting me to register for their directory.

Mind you, I have never asked to be included in their respective directories.
In addition to these, there were another 4 on the home phone running the gamut from credit card opportunities and solar systems to political donations.

I dearly resent these intrusions (as I am writing this google just called again) and pray that the government will make all Robo call’s illegal.

Robocalls are inexpensive which encourages indiscriminate use. If you want to sell me something take the time to have a live person call.

The only automated calls that should be allowed would be alerts from a government agency.

Such a ban would go a long way to bring peace and quiet to my home.

Ban for peace and quiet