Always tell the truth

Always tell the truth in small matters and large…Treat every human being with consideration and respect…Try insofar as possible to plan for the future and make any improvements possible as you progress into the future…There are times when it seems we live in a topsy-turvy world where important matters fall by the wayside, while trivial stuff pushes to the forefront…Live long and prosper during your interesting, and oft times challenging life…Contribute to charities while supporting friends and relatives as best you can…Ethical choices involve taking sides. Forgive us our tresspasses passing thru time passages into the future…Now climate change distributes random misfortunes is different parts of the world…The local weather near the coast in San Diego County in 2022 had temperatures which often went into the eighties with a few days in the nineties…

Who knows why? Not the meteorologists on local TV stations. Even on the Weather Channel they have no comment.

Deuel Woodward resides in Chula Vista.