Unfair burden placed on landlords

I am a Chula Vista resident and a rental home owner. This is my business. While some people disparage landlords, I am proud of what I do. I maintain and manage quality, safe, clean housing and offer it at reasonable rents, often below market, to people in my community.
The city of Chula Vista is proposing new rules that would create huge new burdens on small, mom-and-pop housing providers.
State law already provides the strongest rental regulations in the nation. The Chula Vista rules would be on top of the state law rules.
The city’s proposed ordinance would create burdensome requirements for officially notifying tenants of various items and terrifying penalties for noncompliance – including fines and even jail time. Chula Vista homeowners, including those who build and rent out their ADUs, would be regulated by portions of the ordinance. The most onerous portions of the ordinance kick in with the ownership of just three rental units.
It would force landlords to provide as much as one year’s notice of a major remodel that requires a move-out.
Many owners have worked and invested their lifetime savings in real estate that is being devalued. That is unfair and will discourage the creation of new housing at a time we need it most.

Earl Jentz resides in Chula Vista.