Make Downtown Chula Vista your second family

Dominic Li Mandri

One of the most unique charms about Downtown Chula Vista that makes it unlike other neighborhoods is that there is an instant sense of family. Walking along the iconic Third Avenue Street, you run into many inviting faces and businesses ready to welcome you in and make you feel like you are truly a part of this community. Especially as Easter weekend is only a couple of weeks away, there are many things you can do here to make you feel like you’ve made a second family in Downtown Chula Vista!

Taste of Third Recap

As we wind down from one of Downtown Chula Vista’s most awaited events, this year’s Taste of Third was nothing but amazing! The community was electric on Thursday, March 23, as many food connoisseurs came together to enjoy a variety of tastes and sips from the South Bay neighborhood as well as listen to live music and explore the neighborhood. We’d love to thank the several businesses made the event as special as it was like The Balboa South, Bar SIn Nombre, Chula Vista Brewery, Don Pedro Taco Shop, El Cruce+241, Farmer’s Table, The Gentile Penguin, Grind House, Groundswell Brewing Co., Italianissimo Trattoria, KFC, Lime in the Coconut, Mariscos Los Cuates, MmmCakes, My Cup of Tea, Silver DOllar Cocktail, Spoon House, SweetLife Ice Cream, TG Cafe, Third Avenue Alehouse, Thr3e Punk ALes, The Vogue Tavern, and Topo Chico. Though we just completed Taste of Third we look forward to it again next year!

Family Dinner Time!

One of the best ways to bring a family together during a holiday is through delicious food. Thankfully, Downtown Chula Vista has a lot of restaurants that are perfect for any size family gathering. With a menu that can serve a kid’s appetite as well as a more elevated palette, Farmer’s Table makes for the perfect dinner destination.

Name a better combination than cheesy pizza and fun arcade games, don’t think you can! Since opening in 1955, La Bella’s Pizza Garden has become a Downtown Chula Vista staple to all of its community members and visitors of the neighborhood. Not only can family members enjoy a giant pizza for everyone to enjoy, but they can also take a break from eating and play some fun games. You are never too old to play those nostalgic games you loved so much growing up. La Bella’s Pizza Garden makes it so that everyone leaves with a full belly and a big smile.

While strolling along Third Avenue you can’t help but to be sucked in by the mouthwatering aromas of Spoon House. New to the South Bay neighborhood, Spoon House is one of the first Korean cuisines to Downtown Chula Vista and the community is thrilled! Though the restaurant is minimalistic, the flavors served are far from simple. Invite your loved ones for a unique experience that will make you want more.

Love Some Sweet Treats

Easter is about finding the little surprises here and there, especially if it’s a sweet surprise! Whether you’re looking for a quick treat or a big dessert, Dulcet Bakery has a variety of bakery items that will suit all levels of sweetness. Each month, Dulcet offers a new selection of bakery items both in refrigerated and non-refrigerated cases. Don’t hesitate to stop by and say hi to the friendly faces at Dulcet as well as picking up a sweet surprise!

If you’re looking for unique handmade cakes and pastries that everyone is sure to enjoy, swing by Terzo Bakery and Cafe! Along with the bakery staples, Terzo also makes seasonal treats for each of the upcoming holidays and seasons. Pick up a box unique to your tasting.

Family Includes Fury Friends
For some, the idea of family extends out to their fury companions. It’s important to include our loving pups in the holiday celebration. At Paw Pleasers , pet owners can find all the treats your doggie deserves. From chew toys to tasty bones and fresh bakery items, your dogs will be in treat paradise after a visit to Paw Pleasers!

However your family decides to celebrate Easter, make Downtown Chula Vista the spot to host your fun gatherings!

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Li Mandri is the District Manager of the Downtown Chula Vista Association.