Esoteric astrology as news for week July 11, 2021


Light falls to earth – meteor showers – making a wish!

We all need a bit more light these days living as we are the kali yuga age, when the darkness is allowed to be seen. in the kali yuga, the world is covered in three-fourths darkness and only one-fourth of the spectrum of light is available. meteor showers are spectacular events where it looks like light is falling to earth. people make wishes on these falling stars. meteor showers are times of hope for humanity. we can look forward to an excellent meteor showers in the coming months. the perseids (july 17 – august 24) & delta aquariids (july 13 – august 24) then the geminids in december (december 4 – 17). we all need a bit more light these days. 

The rambling delta aquariid meteor showers begin this monday. though the peak isn’t for a couple of weeks, we will be able to see a few shooting stars here and there in the night sky now. the delta aquariids produce between 10 and 20 meteors an hour and will peak july 29. the deltas are a dress rehearsal for summer’s big shooting star event, the prolific perseid meteor showers.

The delta aquariids are always reliable, producing meteors on the days before and after the peak date and continuing through about august 23. they then intersect with the perseids, the best meteor shower of the year. then in december, we have the   geminids meteor shower heralding the solstice and the new coming light of the new year.

The 2021 delta aquariids might be faint to begin with because the shower favors the southern hemisphere. the delta aquariids are best seen between midnight and dawn everywhere in the world. the shooting stars we see in the sky could be from the delta aquariid or perseids. both are falling stars. however to distinguish a delta aquariid from the perseids,, we must know our directions. 

The deltas fly from the south and the perseids from the north northeast.  the shooting stars emerge from “radiant points.” (for the perseids, the prominent constellation perseus; for the delta aquariids, the constellation aquarius, the water bearer.  

it is supposed to be an excellent year for the perseids, bright and steady  with 100 shooting stars an hour. sometimes we will see shooting stars, bright fireballs, every minute. we adjust our eyes to night vision, leave our cell phones behind, lay on the ground or set out a lawn chair in the yard or on a mountaintop, gather the children and watch the light show. humanity needs more light in our dark time of the kali yuga. remember to wish upon all the stars as they fall to earth. 

aries: throughout the year, great changes are occurring for humanity and to you in particular. your outlook on life will be concerned with freedom, especially how you express yourself. breaking from the past will be a necessity. you (and others) will be as one who is “awakened” from a deep sleep. the awakening will happen through unexpected events. break this gently to people who care about you so, as you change, they are not surprised. cherish each and every moment.

taurus: unusual events happen particularly with your health. you might find unexpected difficulties almost every day and they affect your well-being. how to handle these is to adapt to the idea that all patterns in your life are in a state of alteration, including your health. perform daily tasks with deep awareness lest a spider bites you or a snake comes upon you. these are symbols for change. have homeopaths and essential oils always nearby.

gemini: your friendships and social life begin to shift. you encounter new ideas, seek new ideals, consider group life more and more. unusual people are attracted to you as you study unusual lifestyles and listen to alternative news. the idea of being free and free-spirited is long overdue. for some reason you will feel you cannot depend anymore on your usual sources. uncertainty results at times. an entirely new reality is coming forth for you with new paths to pursue, new friends and new resources.

cancer: talents and gifts you didn’t know existed within you are coming alive and this will be a discovery that is exciting and unexpected. your life, likewise, embarks upon several new directions and people around you begin to consider you as one who knows a lot about something very specific. you surprise everyone. they think of you as unconventional and studious. this is good. a new life story begins.

leo: it’s possible you will be traveling soon, if you’re not already. travel will be curious, unexpected, out of the ordinary. the journey will not be what you planned. you will meet unusual people who help you see life in completely different terms. nothing traditional seems available, even though you long for this. everything unconventional is seeking you. allow yourself to adapt to this. your heart is stirred.

virgo: unexpected events or happenings occur with finances and money that come from shared resources, from investments, taxes or loans. at first this doesn’t make sense. then as time goes by it does. allow yourself to realize that the pleasures you pursue and things you value are changing. this is the last week that vesta, the asteroid of “inner self as found object” is in virgo. you must make a vesta box. find a box, fill it with treasures that represent your true self. this becomes your new artform.

libra: some things in your relations with others and with your close associates and intimates become surprising. should you feel loss of freedom or resistance from others, should anything feel limiting you will shake it off immediately. it may be difficult to rely on anyone at times. if you notice this, be sure to be the ‘reliable one’ for others. breaking free from things or people, events or situation, doesn’t mean you need to be cruel. be gentle and kind – always and everywhere, with everyone. 

scorpio: daily work, routines and agendas should include work on your health and well-being. create new routines that include all things you consider healthy. each day you may find yourself disrupted. everything becomes non-traditional and unconventional. this includes health, which you need to pay attention to. restlessness means you need a new rhythm. you will work non-stop at times, then work not at all at other times. alternative healing benefits your health. slow down.

sagittarius: know that more and more you will begin to express yourself in unconventionally creative ways. you will become the “out of the ordinary” friend. children and odd balls will love you. there will be sudden occurrences in your love life, in romance perhaps. previous inhibitions fall away. you become more free, spontaneous, even eccentric (more so). everything you didn’t like evaporates. you become more genuine, light-hearted and playful. you are happy every day. 

capricorn: home feels like a change and fluctuations are about to happen soon. although it can feel disruptive and bring a bit of sorrow the changes are good. it means no crystallizations can occur. life is speeding up. sometimes you sense you’re making a wrong turn. you feel tested, desiring to approach the home situation in new ways. stability has been deeply important to you. tradition too in a new age sort of way. sometimes you feel free. sometimes you miss someone far away. boredom isn’t in your vocabulary. 

aquarius: there’s an introduction and exposure to new worlds, new people and perhaps new lands and new geographic regions are available to you. also, opportunities come forth to express yourself and your gifts. you like to be with the people in the marketplace. here you feel alive, in contact, love is released, people know you and rely upon your expertise. you try to make contact with family, siblings, relatives. your personal appearance changes. your shell cracks. you let light in. 

pisces: over the next weeks and months ,notice as your needs and environments seem to change. all things not resonating with your vibration will swim away like little fishes. new values and revelations that allow for new growth of all endeavors will emerge. there will be a need for lighter foods and for less material things. unusual events and circumstances will bring about unusual use of resources. income results from giving, studies that are spiritual and build a new era community. study holy oils. if sadness occurs, take the homeopath ignatia amara. 

Esoteric astrology as news for week July 11, 2021