Esoteric Astrology as news for week February 8-14, 2022

Aquarius (& Valentine’s Day) – “Love underlies the happenings of our times”

The constellation Aquarius (water-bearer) is of great importance in our solar system at this time as our Sun is rapidly moving into its atmosphere and influence. Thus the energies of Aquaria (electrical waters) are gaining momentum. Aquarius is the call to freedom. And the heart of Aquarius, which is Jupiter (love, Ray 2) is that which brings forth freedom. The Earth (and her kingdoms – mineral, plant, animal, human) is entering two new great cycles – a 2500 year and a 25,000-year cycle. We  again begin another great cycle around the zodiac and Aquarius governs both cycles.

It is therefore a time of utmost importance for humanity and the Earth. As the new Aquarian cycles progress forward, they are aided by all the stars in the Big Dipper but especially by the Second Ray (love/wisdom) and Seventh Ray, which flows through Uranus – planet of revolution, revelations, and all things new. The Seventh Ray star (or Ray 7) calls humanity to Ceremony & Ritual, new archetypes and new rhythms. This star stimulates humanity’s minds and hearts to be ready for Aquarius and new revelations.

Ray 7 via Uranus inaugurates the the new era (Age of Aquarius), encourages spiritual aspiration, mental freedom, liberty, loving understanding and a new rhythm for humanity’s full creative expression (Leo, opposite sign of Aquarius).

The energy from Shamballa (the Will-to Good) organizes the influence of Ray 7. The energy of Hierarchy (inner spiritual government) then infuses Ray 7 with Love, and, when fused with love and will, the Aquarian energies (Waters of life) are anchored (made physically visible) into the hearts and minds of humanity. Humanity then begins to realize its true identity, as World Server and Disciples, called to ‘save the world.”

The heart of Aquarius is Jupiter (Ray 2), which distributes Love & Wisdom. It is with great wisdom that Valentine’s day occurs during the month of Aquarius. The very heart of Aquarius streams forth divine love and wisdom into the minds and hearts of humanity with the message, ”Love underlies all happenings of our time” – all reasons, events, births, deaths, relationships and realities of our time – love streaming forth into the minds and hearts of humanity.  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

ARIES: You already know about freedom. In the times to come your focus only on self will change. You will seek freedom and liberty for others, becoming a mentor and presenting yourself to the world as an archetype of freedom. Be careful that you understand what freedom truly is. It’s sacrifice. It comes from the heart. It’s service to others. It’s a quality of the Soul & Spirit. We are not “free” until we love and serve others.

TAURUS: You have had the sense that it’s your task, divinely inspired, deeply altruistic, to help others, educating them in truth concerning the changes in our world. You will perform your duties and do your part by modeling a template of Goodwill for humanity. Humanity learns how to  protect themselves and Goodwill offers one a refuge. You see the need and become a leader in educating humanity. All awakened, resourceful and creative people will you assist you.

GEMINI: Your mind always remains free and independent. Though many think you’re their best friend, you are actually somewhat detached and aloof, not allowing yourself to get too close. You have too many ideas and ideals to fit into one group of friends. Compromise is not your main task. Instead you use charm, wit, humor, offering information. These create a veil between you and others. Your display of duality helps humanity choose.

CANCER: You accomplish your work with creative competence. You laugh at these words. It’s true. So often you hide under your protective shell. I think you must really be studying everything there is to know. You emerge for a while, provide information needed, and return to the shadows. You’re like a turtle. We found one on the road today. We moved it into the grasses on the other side of the gate. It was grateful. You are the “gate.”

LEO: You must become aware and more comfortable, more radical, entering into the new era of Aquarius, no longer remaining in the old. You are to meet new people who also think in new ways. Everything traditional soon becomes unavailable, all doors closing. New Aquarian ideas appear, providing opportunities for your future life and well-being. Be discerning though. You never were able to accept traditional boundaries and limits. Creativity for you is true freedom.

VIRGO: Are you having feelings, ideas or dreams of being uplifted, of resurrecting? There’s an inner state of regeneration, of rebirth occurring in your life. Others will wonder why you seem to be changing so fast. You have no answers for them. You know it’s the influence of the stars, sun and planets. Be careful of others’ feelings. Don’t be impatient. Stay within a balanced equilibrium. Like Libra tries to, always with a bright and shiny smile.

LIBRA: Are you feeling inconsistent, in states of unease and difficulty, rather erratic and changeable? Is your usual charm flagging? Actually, your charm never disappears. But you do need more rest. Your genuine care and concern for others is your saving grace. Although you love being in relationship, at times you need to be alone. In relationships you’re secure when your partner is free. Two free people equal one brilliant secure relationship. Have you contemplated on the need for forgiveness yet?

SCORPIO: Whatever daily work you do, a new level of technology and concrete scientific knowledge will enhance it, providing you with more freedom of choice, of time and personal independence to pursue other interests. Is your work area rather messy? How is your health? Often your research leads to breakthroughs that assist in liberating the life force of others. You do not follow the usual ways of being. Do you need a new computer? New shoes? New anything?

SAGITTARIUS: For whatever ails you, you need a child-like sense of play, a self-expression that frees and liberates your happiness. You must also do things quite differently now. Nothing of the old ways will do. Naturally creative, often laughing, quite charming and at times, crazy and madcap, creating your new world would be quite easy. You need something Broadway, too. Theatre, lights, action! Don’t you think? You challenge the many who follow you.

CAPRICORN: You have expanded your ability to care for and nurture others. It’s important that you tend to self-care too. Rest is needed. You know this. You rely on intuition and independent thinking, always making Right Choice when needs arise. Here’s a prayer you, an invocation. “Let reality govern my every thought and truth be the master of my life.” You will understand your mother’s nurturing. You are its result.

AQUARIUS: Even though others see you as different, eccentric, rather brilliant and quick, you also need rhythms and structure. You often make people laugh. Laughter is a special meditation. Friends understand your humor. Often you integrate new ideas, realities and ways of life into conversations. Sometimes you create in others a sense of puzzlement. Sometimes you will annoy. But always you will be creative, playful and honest. Not boring. We like you. Friends love you.

PISCES: You view resources in a way different than most. You see resources as a way to help humanity create a new way of living. You ask that all things financial be easy and uncomplicated. You do not want to be hindered by material needs, not even money. More and more of your possessions are being left behind or given away. You seek freedom. You value all that assists humanity. You are “one with your group brothers and sisters and all that you have is theirs”.