California State Games returning with selected sports

Sports are coming back to the California State Games after a summer off due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.


The amateur sports organization had to either postpone or cancel nearly its entire 2020 Summer Games schedule due to heightened health concerns.

Sports canceled included badminton, basketball, BMX freestyle, climbing, footgolf, junior lifeguards, pickleball, rugby, skateboarding, soccer, softball, surfing, swimming, synchronized swimming, table tennis, track and field and wrestling.

Postponed sports included archery, BMX racing, field hockey, judo, powerlifting, water polo and weightlifting.

Archery was the first sport to make its return Sept. 19 at the Easton Archery Complex on the grounds of the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center.

As the organization’s first competition since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, the archery event was a huge success, according to event directors, who made a special effort to thanks participants for their positive support and willingness to comply with new safety regulations.

A total of 116 archers competed.

“From an archery perspective, it was great to be back outside on the range,” tournament director Keaton Chia said. “The Cal State Games has always been a favorite event for the archery community as it is family-friendly and welcomes athletes of all skill levels.

“Archers were happy to see friends again and to be able to compete at long distances. We’re fortunate that the format of archery makes it easy to maintain social distancing as archers are assigned a specific spot to shoot from. Everyone was also very good at following our COVID-19 guidelines.”

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Archers shot from three distances. Age classes included Yeoman boys and girls (9-and-under), Bowman boys and girls (12-and-under), Cub boys and girls (14-and-under), Cadet boys and girls (17-and-under), Junior boys (20-and-under), Senior men and women (any age) and Masters men and women (50-plus).

Divisions included Barebow, Compound Bow Release and Olympic Recurve Bow.

High scorers in the Barebow Division included Logan Wong (Bowman boys) with a score of 389, Lily Roberts (Bowman girls) with a score of 136, Aiden Ferris (Cub boys) with a score of 448, Celine Pei (Cub girls) with a score of 624, Luca Pierpan Tatro (Cadet boys) with a score of 489, Ariana Martinez (Cadet girls) with a score of 368, Philip Han (Senior men) with a score of 653 and Russell Harrel (Masters men) with a score of 726.

High scorers in the Compound Bow Release Division included Liam Doran (Bowman boys) with a score of 739, Kyra Rossback (Bowman girls) with a score of 792, Ricardo Gallardo (Cub boys) with a score of 850, Ava Zedelmayer (Cub girls) with a score of 824, Will Uribe (Cadet boys) with a score of 841, Lucy Rangel (Cadet girls) with a score of 41, Alex Mueller (Senior men) with a score of 871, Clarrisa Bond (Senior women) with a score of 851, Chris Stout (Masters-50 men) with a score of 874, Jeffrey Bostwick (Masters-60 men) with a score of 793, Tina Monkarsch (Masters-50 Women) with a score of 771.

High scorers in the Olympic Recurve Division included Isaiah Nol (Yeoman boys) with a score of 530, Sara Tateshima (Yeoman girls) with a score of 818, Jared Wang (Cub boys) with a score of 846, Stella Zimmermann (Cub girls) with a score of 814, Andrew Bennett (Bowman boys) with a score of 639, Brooke Wilson (Bowman girls) with  a score of 646, Connor Chia (Cadet boys) with a score of 792, Olivia Hofmann (Cadet girls) with a score of 776, Khaatim Lindsey (Junior boys) with a score of 745, Theodore Cameron (Senior men) with a score of 829, Tatiana Bush (Senior women) with a score of 698, Brent Allen (Masters-50 men) with a score of 829, Andrew Deeter (Masters-60 men) with a score of 649 and Barbara Schettler-Jehl (Masters-60 Women) with a score of 679.

Mueller (Senior men) recorded 62 10’s and hit 29 bulls-eyes in scoring 871 points.

Upcoming sports slated to make their return to the playing court include BMX racing, field hockey, water polo and ice hockey.

BMX racing took place Oct. 16 at the San Diego BMX facility located behind the Kearny Mesa Recreation Center, at 3170 Armstrong St., in San Diego.

All age divisions were welcome for bikes with 20-inch and 24-inch wheels.

Field hockey is scheduled Dec. 5-6 at Helix High School. The revised format will feature a preseason tournament supported by the San Diego Section open to high school and club teams.

Teams will vie for gold, silver and bronze medals as well as championship banners.

The tournament is open to high school varsity, junior varsity and middle school teams.

A boys division will feature competition in U14, U16 and U19 age-groups.

Water polo is scheduled that same weekend, Dec. 5-6, at Valhalla and Steele Canyon high schools.

Like the field hockey tournament, it is being supported by the San Diego Section as a preseason tournament.

Divisions include boys and girls varsity and junior varsity levels.

The State Games ice hockey tournament, usually a staple of the Cal State Games winter schedule, is scheduled Feb. 12-16 to coincide with Presidents Day Weekend.

Venues include Poway Ice, San Diego Ice Arena, Salvation Army Kroc Center and UTC Ice.

So far, four sports have been added to the winter schedule. Figure staking (March 6-7), gymnastics (March 6-7) and roller skating (Feb. 13-14) join the ice hockey tournament.

More sports are to be added to the State Games schedule.

Next year’s California State Games is scheduled July 15-18, 2001.