Abundant moderation

I had material for another political rant. That is not what is needed now. Fred Rogers said on his kids program, “When bad things happen, look for the helpers.” The world is too much with us at times. The prevalence of violence and hateful actions on TV news might make one wonder what balances out all the negativity. Remember that Chula Vista is one of the safest communities in America. Somehow, some way, today search for a way to do something of value.

There is a lot of divisiveness and polarization which seems to be worsening. When did it start? Newt Gingrich was elected to the House of Representatives in 1988. He used name calling and mudslinging to win. Gingrich dominated the House for six years in the 1990s. Many adherents to The Tea Party were elected to Congress in the mid-term election of 2010. The vast gulf between the two major parties widened then. Voter ID laws were another trick added to the Republican arsenal then. The Clinton Administration and the Obama Administration both featured accomplishments by the presidents for two years, and struggle to get anything done for six years due to both men ignoring the midterm elections. The English language changed a bit also. Led by Gingrich the word liberal was demonized and all Democrats were tarred with the brush as liberals. There is no equivalency between the parties. They are extremely different now. That is the result of 30 years of work for the Republicans to gain control of government. They want to keep it. A few commentators have said don’t vote Republican. Not voting for them unless they say they are for bipartisanship would be better.

Moderation in all things. Halt impulses driving us to rush to judgement. What matters most in a hierarchy of values? Every human being has their own view of, and insight into the human condition. Secondly the intelligence each individual has, and well they use it is of consequence. Homer said 2,500 years ago that all should learn to avoid hubris, or excessive pride. Humility makes sense in the infinitely complex world in which we live. Accumulate information as time goes by. Make lots of inter-connections between the kinds of knowledge you posses. Based on that form conclusions which are as unconventional as possible. Question everything. Ignore race, religion, skin color, ethnic groups, and sexual preferences. Now you have achieved a measure of wisdom. Good luck. Peace and prosperity be with you.

Deuel Woodward resides in Chula Vista.