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A loopy home is warm home Special To The Star-news | Sat, Nov 20 2010 12:00 PM

(NAPS) - Homeowners across North America have discovered the benefits of using the energy under their own backyards to provide heating, cooling and hot water. Geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into the constant temperature found a few feet below the surface of the earth to deliver a consistent, even flow of conditioned air throughout the home, eliminating hot and cold spots.

A geothermal system captures the free energy from the earth in a series of pipes, called an earth loop, buried in the ground. Fluid circulates through the pipes and heat energy is transferred from the ground to the geothermal unit in the house, providing warm comfort. Once inside, the heat can be distributed through either a conventional duct system or a hydronic radiant heat system.

According to studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), geothermal heating and cooling is the most energy-efficient option available, because the system relies on the most plentiful source of renewable energy and a source that is available virtually anywhere in the United States.

The result is a system that achieves green status in more ways than one: Homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint along with their utility bills. In fact, the energy savings provided by a geothermal system can be as much as 70 percent compared with a conventional system using natural gas, oil, electricity or propane fuel. Additionally, the system eliminates noise pollution, with a sound level similar to that of a refrigerator.

A geothermal system also addresses pollutants in the air. According to EPA tests, levels of pollutants are two to five times higher indoors than outside. Research also shows that exposure to poor indoor air quality can cause health problems including asthma, dizziness, fatigue and respiratory diseases, among many others.

The geothermal systems from WaterFurnace International, Incorporated, the leading manufacturer of geothermal heating and cooling products, have HEPA filters, heat recovery ventilators, electronic air cleaners and a selection of filters, all designed to contribute to good air quality throughout the home.

For a look at ways to improve your home's air quality or to find a geothermal system that fits your needs, visit www.waterfurnace.com or talk to a WaterFurnace expert at (800) GEO-SAVE.

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