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Pink is the new cool

Fri, May 14 2010 10:59 AM Posted By: Jon Campbell

Pink Army may have a somewhat fierce name, but the Chula Vista girls who make up the band are not so scary. Alicia Randolph, Lia Johnson and Charisma Cain are all under 13 years of age, but after more than 60 performances and with a major music producer working on their newest tracks, the tween pop divas are making a splash in their niche of the music world.

Tina Randolph, the band's manager and Alicia's mom, said the group came together about a year ago when she met Eddie Galan, the same Los Angeles- based producer responsible for the hit music in the film "High School Musical." Alicia was already a performer, as were all the girls in the group, and Galan's style fit well. There was just one problem.

"We met this songwriter (Galan) and we just gelled very well together. But a lot of the songs had a three-part harmony," said Randolph. The solution? Hold auditions and bring two more girls on board.

When the band was formed, they found early success playing the San Diego Zoo and even area casinos. They also rose fast on the Internet pop charts at, and were one of four bands nationally that were selected to perform at the Legoland Kid's New Year's Eve event in 2009.

Asked to name her least favorite part of being an up and coming pop star, 11-year-old Charisma is at a loss.

"The part that I don't like so much," said Charisma, "would be that ... actually, that's a hard one, because I can't really think of one."

The girls admit they have to work hard, with three rehearsals a week and a hectic traveling schedule. Alicia said that juggling music and schoolwork is difficult, but she's able to keep her grades up. Tina Randolph says, in fact, the girls have to keep their grades up, or they risk losing their state-issued work permits. All minors who work in the entertainment industry must apply for permission through their schools, which monitor performance and can withdraw their blessing.

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