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Unappreciated performers Carlos R. Davalos | Sat, Jun 22 2013 12:00 PM

Sure, I'd had a drink or two in a place that frowns on pop music oozing from its jukebox. But that’s no reason to call into question the clarity with which I suddenly realized Sweetwater Union High School board member John McCann is a lot like singer Justin Bieber.

For years the young heartthrob has been maligned as a no-talent, self-entitled puppet absent substance and depth. So has Bieber.

Increasingly both are gaining notoriety for their seemingly erratic behavior.

Lately the teenager has been in the news because he is said to have been smoking dope in hotel rooms, allegedly driving recklessly through residential neighborhoods  and wearing his pants down to his ankles while leaving his shirt behind in London nightclubs.

But Beliebers — as the pop star’s squeally and occasionally hysterical supporters are called — will tell you that detractors don’t appreciate Justin’s genius and soul. They’re just haters. Stupid, stupid haters.
McCanniacs might say the same thing.

Even though John has drawn attention to himself for issues other then governing a school district — he filed a temporary restraining order against a parent for allegedly threatening him, he videotaped a critical public during a school board meeting, he chastised a teacher for not respecting his service in the military, and on Monday he walked out of a school board meeting to file a police report claiming theft of a 2010 campaign sign — John’s supporters will tell you he’s not a bad guy and the people who hate him will find any reason to criticize him.

McCanniacs might be right. The man can be engaging and occasionally charming. But he also tends to shoot himself in the foot.

Going back to his days on the Chula Vista City Council, McCann’s occasionally odd tantrums are noteworthy. The times he publicly scolded his council colleagues while on the dais come to mind, as does his characterization of Councilman Rudy Ramirez as unpatriotic for perceived slights that were never fully understood.

If McCann has done anything good in his time as an elected, those accomplishments are overshadowed by his sometimes puzzling behavior.

But in the end maybe that doesn’t matter. Like Bieber, John still has an adoring fan base (don’t forget an effort to recall McCann last year failed).

Maybe like the Canadian singer, McCann really is an unappreciated genius and the rest of us are just stupid, stupid haters.

Bieber is in San Diego tomorrow for a concert. I’m hoping somehow McCann can get on stage and remind the public about his military service, while also threatening to arrest anyone who illegally videotapes the concert on their smartphone. That’s stealing, you know.

If that happened, that would make a McCanniac out of me. Beliebe me.

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sosocal Says:

Sat, Jun 29 2013 10:01 AM

And yet we continue to hear rumors of McCann's ambitions for higher public office, such as the mayoralty of Chula Vista. McCann is no more capable of being a mayor of a large city than a tree surgeon is capable of presiding at brain surgery. He lacks discretionary ability. He lacks self-control. He lacks judgment. He lacks integrity. He lacks a sense of real priorities. His childish sense of entitlement has no place when real decision-making is called for.

Fran Brinkman Says:

Mon, Jun 24 2013 01:48 PM

Mr. Davalos you said it better than anyone thus far. People can not help but wonder what is wrong with this guy. He opens his mouth and inserts his foot over nothing. He ran out of the meeting abandoning his real duties over a sign. Really crazy actions. He showed what was more important himself not the kids and being a board member.

sosocal Says:

Sun, Jun 23 2013 09:59 AM

What is it with politicians from this part of the county and behavioral abnormalities?

Of course, I am referring to McCann's difficulties in knowing how to deal with people and situations that he perceives as threatening. But I am adding to that Mayor Filner's need to throw his weight around as if he were some sort of small-time Chicago hoodlum, trying to elbow his way in enough to be a middle-rank hoodlum.

Isn't this lack of awareness, lack of emotional intelligence, lack of self-control exactly what we do NOT want to see in our public servants?

anniej Says:

Sat, Jun 22 2013 12:56 PM

Unfortunately for both sides Mccann made many promises to clean up the Sweetwater District, however with the release of the Grand Jury transcripts and a review of the documents on the Registrar of Voters it is glaringly clear that Mccann had aligned himself with the very persons he was stating he would drive out (Alvey testimony' contractors testimony, thousand od contractor campaign donations). One, two, maybe even three episodes of questionable emotionally eratic behavior might have justification, but years worth, that would be a NO. When the recall folks set up their signs on Main last year they had no idea they were breaking the law - Mccann placed a call and within an hour the signs were down. When the recall folks went to collect the signs they found that the someone (Mccann?) had sent the board secretary to retrieve them - WHY???? Why was a paid employee sent to pick up signs that did not belong to the district. Was placing the phone call good enough for Mccann? NO, he then proceeded to drive up and down the street, stopping, rolling down his window and taking pictures of the recall folks. His alleged threat by the community activist cost the taxpayers over $6,000 and was THROWN OUT OF COURT! with and ADMONITION to Mccann by the judge (stop with the childish behavior). Even in court, Mccann chose take on the roll of a spoiled dysfunctional emotional child claiming one of the community residents outside was making faces at him thru the doors window? Yet when the bailiff looked no disrespectful behavior could be seen by anyone other than Mccann. Lets cut to the chase, while Mccann may be perceived as a great friend to some, friend is not the criteria I choose when voting for a candidate. To make matters worse, ANY VET attending ANY function is more than turned off by his personally written bios which make him out to be the reincarnation of Eisenhower - just ask the principles at the high schools who resent his pompous elitist attitude when demanding he be given 10 minutes for one os his LONG DRAWN OUT speeches.

Can one of his friends give him the 411, "it is time to hang up your political hat, you are not secure enough and politics is not a place for spoiled brats throwing temper tantrums."

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