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| Wed, Dec 31 1969 04:00 PM

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anniej Says:

Sun, Oct 19 2014 05:56 PM

Wanted to extend my Thanks and Appreciation to Fran Brinkman for her ROBO call that informed Chula Vista residents about the real John McCann!

Funny how McCann continues to hide behind news articles but has FAILED to debate Mr. Padilla - maybe there is a hidden reason why he is afraid to appear in PUBLIC, face the PUBLIC and debate the issues in PUBLIC.

Bernardo Vasquez Says:

Sun, Oct 19 2014 12:30 PM

Since John decided to single me out in this story, let me help refresh his memory surrounding the threatening cease and desist letter he had sent to me.

The letter came from attorney Christina M. Denning of the San Diego law firm of Higgs, Fletcher & Mack. Although they don't list Sweetwater High School District as clients, they do list SD Unified, so they obviously work with school districts.

As far as his reasoning for the letter, I hurt his feelings when I posted blogs about his accident, questioning his mental clarity and acuity. I did so after observing him at a board meeting not being able to remember Tom Calhoun's name (Ed Brand had to lean over to remind him), and observing Ed Brand having to lean over and tell him when it was time to vote.

As far as HIPPA violations, this comment clearly shows he lacks the ability to grasp basic concepts. As most know, HIPPA is a law which protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information. I was and am in no position to have any private information on his health, treatments or medical conditions.

John seems to forget that he went around town telling everyone that would listen and interview him that he had suffered a serious brain injury. John, did you violate HIPPA against yourself?? All I did was state an opinion about my observations relating to your telling the world you suffered a serious brain injury.

As far as him being a fiscal conservative, that is as big of a joke as him being a team player or him not recalling the other cease and desist letters against community members, or the restraining order filed against a parent, which he lost.

John, claim to be a fiscal conservative, so why did you support the raising of the Mello Roos tax by 2% every year? Not even a comment or discussion. Why did you allow the district to borrow upwards of $25 million every month from the Mello Roos fund to help pay general expenses? Again, no questions or discussion. Why did you allow the district to borrow from Prop O. Why did you approve hundreds of thousands of dollars in change orders from the same contractors that contributed to your campaign?

On open boundaries, why did you allow Ed Brand to do this when you knew it would create the massive overcrowding we have at eastside schools. You know this is the case because you have and have had children at Eastlake High. I've seen you at Open Houses and you know how crowded and run down the school is.

In my opinion, based on observation and interaction with John McCann since 2009, he is a terrible choice for City Council.

The true character of a person is not in his words, but in his actions and how he reacts to adversity. John makes empty promises, acts contrary to what he says, and uses the system to go after those that don't agree or criticize him.

As a matter of fact, I won't be surprised if he does not have another letter sent to me threatening to sue me. If so, I will share it to prove the true character of John McCann.

Erupting Says:

Sun, Oct 19 2014 09:19 AM

Oh,my another batch of lies and misdirection from McCann. Here is an interesting fact that is easily checked. 12-31-11 McCann collected 51,750 from district Vendors. That folks is 64% of his total contributions. All of you bloggers expect a cease and desist letter from Winet or Schinoff.McCann doesn't want the truth out there. When I get mine I will ask that it be made public so the people of Chula Vista know that truthful free speech is still alive and well. I'm retired so he can't threaten my job as he has others. Why the school district allows this man to use our kids football games to promote his political agenda is beyond me. Mr. Moreno this isn't exactly a real picture of McCann,do not be afraid of this wannabe.

Ceaseand Desist Says:

Sun, Oct 19 2014 12:56 AM

It is time for the citizens of Chula Vista to serve a cease and desist letter on John McCann, he is not fit for public service in any capacity.

John McCann got a second legal opinion from Dan Shinoff, that identified numerous legal grounds to fire Jesus Gandara for cause. Not only did he not share this legal opinion with his fellow board members, he failed to fire Gandara for cause and gave him the golden parachute deal so that Gandara would not turn on him and the other board members. Gandara was controlling the campaing donations to McCann and others.

Anyone considering voting for this man, should read the Vega Report as well as the Grand Jury Testimony of Ed Brand and others involved in the Sweetwater Scandal. According to Brand, McCann was begging Brand for campaign contribution from contractors only 6 days after bringing Brand back.

As for Brand calling for the cease and desist letters, is that why he and those county empty suits gave Brand a paid 3 month vacation? Robert Moreno, didn't the star news get one of those cease and desist letters? Did Ed Brand send that one too? Is that why you are writing these fluff stories for John McCann. Why don't you publish the letter you received if you did in fact receive one. At least you should confirm for the voters if you received one from him or not.

Star News, why didn't you call him on his numerous childlike outburst as an elected official on the City Council and Sweetwater School Board. I seem to remember a video you posted of him in a delusional rant in which he calls a teacher and citizens of this community un-American and refers to them as "you people". Surely, you haven't forgetten about these incidents:

1. McCann taking pictures and videoing public speakers from the dias at a sweetwater school board meeting.

2. The calling of the police to a sweet water board meeting to recover a $2.00 three year old plastic sign. Remember the fiscal conservative left the dias and was outside fighting for his $2.00 sign while district staff was giving a financial report and a report on student safety.

3. What about the million dollar contaminated dirt pile at Southwest High School, remember that?

4. How about the turning off of Bertha Lopez' mic during a board meeting.

5. Let us not forget the L Street property and Plan Nine Partners and the recent failed bid on the 3rd Avenue property.

I could go on and on. What I don't understand is why some San Diego County media outlets continue to allow themselves to be bullied into writing fluff stories for this cry baby!

Star News, How about you post the vega report, the grand jury testimony, your video of his delusional rant, your previous coverage of his antics in Sweetwater the last few years and let the voters decide the facts and make their own decision.

anniej Says:

Sat, Oct 18 2014 06:42 PM

Mr. Davalos - tread carefully John McCann is not going to take kindly to you listing the Padilla story on top of his. No doubt he will be whining foul.

VOTE FOR PADILLA!!!!!!!! The very fact that Mr. Padilla admits to making mistakes puts him light years of NOT ME MCCANN!!!!!

anniej Says:

Sat, Oct 18 2014 05:51 PM

You know they say with age comes memory loss, however John McCann is not old enough to have memory problems.

He states he wants to move the City forward - really? I seem to recall words very similar to tht back on 2010 - he failed to deliver.

He states he wants to be a team player - question is which team? Contractors like the ones that donated HEAVILY into his 2010 campaign for school board?

He states he is not here to say "look at me, look at what I did" - oh CONTRAR - this is the same guy who had a personally scripted speech read during a recent Otay. Ranch High game in the 3rd quarter, WHILE THE FREAKIN' teams were IN PLAY. It would be hard to look at what he did as a SUHSD board member, since popular opinion is he did NOTHING but SELF PROMOTE!

Good financial steward of the taxpayer - is this the same guy who failed to hold Ed Brand accountable for borrowing Prop O monies, and only took a stand WHEN THE ANTAGONISTS EXPOSED IT?

Mr. McCann what about the second opinion that you kept from the other Board members? The one Ed Brand eluded to in an email????

Mr. McCann was not fully aware of Gandara's ethics? So, I assume Mr. McCann was deaf for all of he those months when the 5 whistleblowers stood in front of him with info, begging the Board to respond - the only one to listen, Lopez.

Mr. McCann states he was a great athlete - might someone give him the 411, writing self promotional speeches is not an Olympic Sport anywhere other than. No. Korea.

Voters time to vote for integrity and vote out those who would choose to 'use' their position vs. 'serve' in their position. Mr. McCann is, in my opinion, the biggest joke of a politician to come along in a very long while.

maty Adato Says:

Sat, Oct 18 2014 05:22 PM

Wow, this man really knows how to not be truthful. Lets start with the lie about the contract and separation agreement for Gandara; he had been hearing for month with proof being sent to him that Gandara was doing shady things yet he sat there and did nothing. He had a gymnasium with about 500 people the night he decided to sign that agreement telling him what was going on. Ms. Bertha Lopez requested Gandara to be put on administrative leave over and over again for months and she was ignored by then President of the board "John McCann". He could have ordered an investigation but he sat and did nothing. Then there was that second opinion that was never shared with the board that indicated he could be fired for cause. Oh Mr. McCann there is a paper trail of facts to prove all of this.

Now on the second item Dr. Brand sending all of the cease and desist letters and Mr. McCann didnt know about them. Was he not sitting in all of the many board meetings when this topic was brought up? Was he not paying attention while sitting on the dais? Better yet as a board member McCann was Brands boss why didnt he instruct his employee to "cease and desist". See Mr. McCann never owns up to anything he always blames everyone else, no wonder why he is a wannabe politician.

sam Says:

Sat, Oct 18 2014 03:36 PM

Mr. McCann you are very dislusional to think you didn't know about Gandara could be fired because you were new! You were Blard President at the time!! You kept or from the other board members that you could have fired him!! If you were so called so new and didn't understand then you should have asked!! And I am not 100% sure you are healthy and can sit on council and use good judgment. If you were 100% than you would share your health records!! Any CV resident that's votes for you are pathetic.

Why are are these sports prep news one week old Says:

Fri, Oct 17 2014 10:18 PM

Today is 10/17, the date you have posted this prep news, but all of these prep news are from 10/10 (one week old). You have the same writer that post prep news the next day (i.e. Bonita Vista vs Chula Vista news post on 10/11), then why have do the writer post this sports prep news one week late? This makes no sense!

anniej Says:

Mon, Oct 13 2014 06:42 PM

Chula Vista's finest need a hero as they are our heroes. Day in day out putting their very lives on the line, stretched to the limit.

Now on a personal note - years ago I seem to remember a pledge to clean up Main Street. Business I don't mind, businesses that negatively affect homeowners (such as I) I do. Being awakened at 4:00 a.m. With the LOUD beep, beep, beep of a concrete truck in reverse, unacceptable. And, what of the bus depot, think of those poor folks - 'Gentlemen/Ladies, start those bus engines' - residents/children sleeping - no matter. So,,, perhaps the new Mayor might want to take a listen and hear our plea - QUIET PLEASE, at least until the sun comes up!

sosocal Says:

Mon, Oct 13 2014 06:19 PM

Oddly, Mr. Rindone's most recent position on the County Board of Education seems to demonstrate a record of non-response to the constituency, to a degree unheard of by anyone with the slightest bit of public responsibility. Let me put it more simply: Jerry Rindone did not care one iota what state of destruction Sweetwater was in when he was our representative at the County Board of Education. Blind, deaf and dumb--not politically correct, mind you--would be the only possible explanation for his lack of response. Heaven help us if an individual with that sort of mentality is mayor.

anthony Says:

Mon, Oct 13 2014 11:41 AM

terrific article!!!

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