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Clothes are off, soon the gloves will be too Tom Basinski | Sat, Nov 17 2012 12:00 PM

The city and EyeCandy are squaring off for a bare knuckles battle over the nude entertainment place that was supposed to be a comedy club.

During my visit to EyeCandy I asked the door man if I could interview the manager, thinking they would send out some third-stringer who would say, “I can’t comment. You’ll have to talk to Mr. (Roger) Diamond,” (their Las Vegas mouthpiece).

Much to my surprise, Mr. Randy Welty himself called me the next day. Instead of a quick telephone brush off Welty said, “Where can we talk face-to-face over a whiskey and soda?” I suggested a semi-reputable bar on Broadway and we were soon face-to-face.

When he offered to buy me a beer my journalistic ethics should have refused. Instead, I said, ‘I dropped enough money at your place yesterday. I’ll take a large draft.” I told Welty I wasn’t interested in the legal issues that would eventually be resolved. I wanted to know about the operation of the establishment. Because I knew Chula Vista didn’t have ordinances regulating the conduct of the dancers I wondered what house rules Welty had in place.

Welty is a very polite, engaging man, with a good sense of humor, at least outside of a courtroom. He said we needed to get to know one another first, asking me to tell him about myself. I gave him the short version of my life

When I was done he asked me, “What do you do to make this planet a better place?” Unfortunately I didn’t have much of an answer. I just try to do my part every day to do what is right in whatever I do. A pretty shallow answer, but it was the one I gave. I also recycle my beer cans.

Before I could ask questions Welty gave me a lecture on what was on his mind. He believes all of government, starting with local pols, continuing on to police, prosecutors, judges, congress, and senators are corrupt. His governmental loathing was evident.

Welty said he tried, and succeeded in hiring many Chula Vista residents because he wanted Chula Vista’s economy to be positively affected. Additionally, he said if any of his dancers remain employed with him for one year with a good record, he will adjust their work hours so they can attend college, at his expense.

He is not naïve and said many of the girls are single with “1.5 kids” and struggle to get by. He doesn’t pay often for college, but the offer is always there.

At the time of the interview Chula Vista had no laws regulating the conduct of the entertainers. As of Nov. 1, the city enacted emergency legislation pertaining to adult entertainment establishments. Both Police Chief David Bejarano and City Attorney Glen Googins notified me the ordinance is effective immediately. The business gets 90 days to make physical changes to the business. The “no touching” part is in effect now.

At the time of the interview Welty said he had only two house rules of forbidden conduct for his dancers. One of Welty’s forbidden acts was one enjoyed by former President Clinton.

After hearing about a new emergency law that was passed after our first conversation, I called the club and asked to speak with Welty or any manager. The receptionist said no one was available, but took my number. I only had one question: “How has the new city ordinance impacted the daily operation of the business?”

No one from EyeCandy ever called me back. I was in favor of free enterprise. But they were pretty rude. Chief Bejarano and his undercover crew, and uniformed presence will now go to work. Good luck.

Welty vowed to fight this to the end. He has tons of money and said he will use it to continue his business in Chula Vista. The fight will be better than a Mixed Martial Arts battle.

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I Love Chula Vista Says:

Sat, Nov 17 2012 12:31 PM

Tom Basinshi, please keep US informed!!

Randy Randy Randy...Take yur money and use it to DEFEND yur SON from the CHARGES he faces for trying to HAVE SEX with a NINE YEAR OLD....SICKO

Karen S Says:

Sat, Nov 17 2012 08:11 AM

This second column is reported with tongue firmly in cheek. Loved it!

The Weed Says:

Sat, Nov 17 2012 07:04 AM

Very informative....can't wait to hear what happens next!!!

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