Benefits of phase out


We often hear that moving away from fossil fuels will hurt the economy. A recent study by Scripps Oceanography finds that phasing out fossil fuels could save 3.6 million lives per year. This contrasts significantly with this assumption, if we view human lives, health and productivity as part of economic growth. This study concludes that using sustainable energy not only reduces pollution and extreme weather, but greatly benefits human health and “will pay for itself with those savings.” If we value health, fossil fuel emissions can be viewed as detrimental to us, our children, our grandchildren.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763) recently introduced in the House of Representatives, endorses a fee on carbon to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels with a return of those fees as dividends to households. Ask your representatives to endorse this legislation to save lives and help the economy.

Susan Kobara resides in Carlsbad.


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