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Council tackles rezoning

Sat, Jan 22 2011 12:00 PM Posted By: Allison K. Sampite

At Tuesday's Chula Vista City Council meeting, council unanimously approved a resolution to amend parts of the city's design manual under the general plan to rezone certain properties in southwest Chula Vista.

Miguel Tapia, senior planner for the city, and Assistant City Manager Gary Halbert presented the plan to council and asked them to consider amendments to Title 19 of the Chula Vista Municipal Code, included in the city's Urban Core Specific Plan.

Under the ordinance, the central commercial zone includes Palomar Gateway, West Fairfield, Main Street, South Third Avenue and South Broadway districts. Changes to these areas include updating mixed-use development standards, adding bars, cocktail lounges and nightclubs and rezoning maps.

These proposed amendments to the central commercial zone and mixed use development standards are intended to bring the city's zoning regulations and development standards into consistency with the general plan vision, objectives and policies.

Modifications allow mixed-use projects of commercial/ residential, instead of requiring a conditional use permit.

Tapia said these changes are important to potentially increase the number of mix-use projects, which include combining commercial and residential areas. There are two types of mixed-use projects, horizontal and vertical, which combine residential and commercial within the same building. 

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