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Mayor delivers wish-list Robert Moreno | Sat, Jul 05 2014 12:00 PM

Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox shared with the Sweetwater Union High School District board of trustees Monday the results from her community conversation, an effort to help solve some of the district’s problems.

The discussion at the May 28 forum revolved around bringing Sweetwater a culture of effective leadership, ethics and building fiscal stability.

“In my first community conversation we turned negative sentiments into constructive conversations about what the community wants from the district’s next board and superintendent,” Cox said.

Cox said among the things that the community has expressed are that they want a clean slate with its board members and superintendent, a better understanding of the district’s true financial condition disclosed through an independent audit, and a financial plan that would get the district back on its financial feet.

The community, Cox said, also expressed a desire for ethics, transparency and openness.

Sweetwater board President John McCann said he has been fighting for the community’s needs.

“That’s exactly what I’ve been fighting for and working to improve at the district,” McCann said.

He also said he supports the mayor’s input because the community needs to work together to support the children in the district.

McCann said the district is on the way up with a “brighter future” because it is becoming financially stable.

Cox said as mayor she has been asked repeatedly by community members to intervene with Sweetwater but declined because she didn’t have jurisdiction to get involved.

“But as time went on, I believed it would help to convene community members to talk about district problems that affect our city,” she said.

A second community conversation is to be held from 6 to 8 p.m. on July 16 in City Hall’s council chamber.

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anniej Says:

Fri, Jul 11 2014 07:40 AM

There will be a meeting 7-21 at 6:30 at District office conference rooms A & B to discuss Fifth Ave property plan. ALL TAXPAYERS NEED TO ATTEND AND DEMAND THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS DEAL!!!!!

Fran Brinkman Says:

Mon, Jul 07 2014 04:20 PM

The ever self serving John McCan't. Everyone knew this media wh--- would try to pretend that he was the good guy,and take credit for anything he could. Well one only has to look at his voting record to see the truth. When he doesn't get his way he threatens with cease and desist letters to the same papers that print only the truth. Sad little man with delusions of grandeur.

Maty Adato Says:

Mon, Jul 07 2014 10:58 AM

Mr. McCann fighting to stop corruption I don't think so. The only people fighting corruption was this community and it was against Mr. McCann. He went along with every plan and scheme. He continually uses every single forum to be interviewed and lie to the people of the community. Remember he was the one who gave Gandara a $500,000 check to walk away. Don't you think he could have been fired for cause? Oh yeah Mr. McCann never shared that second opinion with the board and look Dr. Gandara is in jail. I guess that is how he fights corruption handing over hefty paychecks to leave quietly. But who cares it isnt his money, right?

anniej Says:

Mon, Jul 07 2014 08:27 AM

Back in the day there was a song - THE GREAT PRETENDER - ah yes, that so eloquently describes John McCann. He failed the party, he failed the voters/taxpayers but more importantly HE FAILED THE STUDENTS! He voted WITH Jesus Gandara, Ed Brand, Arlie Ricasa, Pearl Quinones and Jim Cartmill. Allegedly he set out to quiet those who spoke against him.

It is time for John McCann to realize the So Bay has tired of him, his broken promises and self serving ways.

Dave BBQ Grylls Says:

Sun, Jul 06 2014 11:44 AM

How do we start an article about Mayor Cox and the community meetings and end up with another mouth piece article from John McCann?
John says he has been fighting for the community needs, I say Bologna... he had the job to do something at SUHSD and did nothing, just talked and followed the ill advised Dr. Brand. Star News, please stop giving Mr. McCann a forum to continue his false recollections of recent history. He is as much a part of the problem as Ed and the others.

sosocal Says:

Sat, Jul 05 2014 09:13 PM

Mayor Cox is on the right track. The community needs to be heard.

We do not want a white-washing of the problems in Sweetwater, the problems need to be made public and solved publicly, so we can have a modicum of trust in the school system.

No more secret real estate deals. No more messing around with Mello-Roos and other bond monies. No more jobs awarded on the basis of friendship, paybacks and deals.

sosocal Says:

Sat, Jul 05 2014 09:10 PM

Oh please, more untruths from McCann! He has had ample opportunity to speak out and clear up many issues, and he has not!

He could tell us right now what the financial situation is, and what the story is on all the real estate deals, as he has been around long enough. What he gives us are empty words of self-praise.

What a joke: "That's exactly what I've been fighting for and working to improve at the district," McCann said.

He has voted in support of every single Ed Brand and Gandara scheme that has existed! Check the records and you will see complete support for the crooked status quo on the part of McCann.

And, he was also quoted as saying Brand could be brought back as a consultant! As if.

Stars Above!! Does McCann think all of us were born yesterday?

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