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Love and its many faces Carlos R. Davalos | Sat, Feb 09 2013 12:00 PM

Love—that dirty little four-letter word—is more flexible than a boneless performer with the Cirque de Soleil.

We can love chocolate, love coffee, love Sunday mornings, love the smell of bacon, love cats and  love sleeping in.

We love the Chargers (OK, maybe we just really, really like them and would like to hang out — sometime), love the Xolos, spring training, Little League baseball and Sports Center on ESPN.

Doing lunch, catching up, taking time to smell the roses, seeing that movie, checking out the band, hooking up and getting away for the weekend are all examples of things we love to do.

The men in blue, the men and women who fight for our freedom, the firefighters who save stranded kittens, the UPS driver and his special delivery, and the  cable guy who shows up on time are people we love, though most of them we barely know if we have even ever met them at all.

We’d love to see you in hell, watch you get yours, see you get fired, die or at the very least we’d love it if you would just shut up and go away because really, we love to hate you.

We love to read, “genuine” people, walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. Also, did we mention that we love what you did with your hair and that dress that you’re wearing and we love the cologne you have on?

We love that one book that we read, the movie we saw and that one song that is so about us. We love that thing that you do and that we can finish each other’s sentences and that sometimes we don’t even have to say a word to know what the other is thinking.

We love the GOP and Barack Obama and the guns that we own and the love that we have for the USA is real.

We love you, love you too, love him, love her, love it, love the idea and love that you’re thinking outside the box. We love love and of course we’d love to.

We love the spring and sunny days and wearing warm fuzzy sweaters in the fall. We love Christmas and presents (giving more than receiving) and though we can’t, we’d love to be there.

We’d love to win the lottery or take a vacation or just have a weekend away from the kids.

We love L.A. and New York (although we left our hearts in San Francisco) and we’d love to show you around, so if you’re interested we’d love to hear from you.

Love in all its simple forms takes on so many different meanings. Thrown together in the right order those four letters  pack a bigger wallop than an elephant landing a hook.

There’s another word in the language that’s even smaller and it has just as much impact if not the same meaning. It’s to die for and I’m dying to tell you. But maybe some other time.

Love ya.

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