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Candidates share plans for city Robert Moreno | Fri, May 09 2014 04:45 PM

Eleven of the 12 candidates running for two seats on the Chula Vista City Council shared their vision for the city at a candidates forum Wednesday.

Residents filled the Chula Vista Civic Center Library to listen to what candidates had to say about some of the city’s most pressing issues such as the revitalization of Third Avenue, what to do with a local strip club and the recent surge of medical marijuana dispensaries.

One of the biggest rounds of applause of the night came for seat one candidate John McCann, who offered his solution to revitalizing downtown Chula Vista.

“We need to get rid of the (parking) meters on Third Avenue,” he said. “We actually need to get rid of those because when I talk to residents the reason why they don’t shop there is because of the meters.”

Homemaker Heideh Rivera, who is also running for seat one, wanted to see Broadway revitalized along with Third Avenue.

She also suggested a simpler solution to bringing more shoppers to the county’s second largest city.

“Stop shopping at Plaza Bonita, it is not part of Chula Vista,” she said.

On the topic of Eyecandy Showgirls, Hector Gastelum said  the adult venue is not needed in Chula Vista.

While most of the candidates agreed that there is no home for Eyecandy in Chula Vista, seat two candidate Willie

Harris brought a different perspective:

“I think the key is maybe move it somewhere else, honestly. We want business, it’s a business. It’s money.”

But Harris also provided a solution to get rid of the strip club and medical marijuana dispensaries.

“If they’re here, we didn’t mean for them to be here so tax the heck out of them until they are gone.”

A proposal to unify the two school districts in Chula Vista should be up to the voters to decide and not elected officials, said seat one candidate and former Chula Vista Mayor Steve Padilla.

“It has to be about the students, it has to be about the children and students and what is best for them,” Padilla said.

“If what helps our students succeed is unification, great.”

Mike Spethman, who is a candidate for seat two, opposes unification because he said it won’t work.

He also said it’s important for the community to have a great public school system.

“Let us make no mistake, a community is judged by its schools,” he said. “When prospective residents look at a community, the first thing they are going to look at are the schools, how they perform.”

Hector Gastelum said he would like to see both districts audited.

Regarding term limits, seat one candidate Jason Paguio said new faces is what the city of Chula Vista needs on the city council in order to prosper.

“We need to empower our voters and for us we need to be able to send a message that it’s not OK to keep having the same people come back over and over again,” he said.

Michael Gorski, a 17-year Chula Vista resident, said he came to the event with his mind already made up on who he was voting for.

Gorski said after hearing the candidates speak he is still voting for Gastelum.


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Mud Says:

Mon, May 12 2014 10:38 AM

Hoping that Michael Gorski has an upcoming birthday, otherwise how can a 17 yr old vote?
also McCann only cares about McCann, if he truly cared about CV he would have resigned from the SUHSD board long ago.

anniej Says:

Fri, May 09 2014 06:16 PM

ALL reading this article should click on the audio of the community forum offered below. PLEASE WATCH IT - there you go folks, 'I am an Iraq war vet' (and how many thousands of others from our community served as well? 'I ran against Greg Sandoval for School Board' ( no, Sandoval did not run). Thank goodness Ms. Frye was able to politely tell him to 'put a sock in it'. Typical McCann, it's all about him - well, we know all about him and that is why we are not voting for him.

anniej Says:

Fri, May 09 2014 06:02 PM

I find it interesting that if you 'had not been subjected' to John McCann's lack of leadership as a SUHSD Board Member you would have no idea McCann had ever sat on the Sweetwater Board. Now why do you think that is? McCann has alienated the voters and the prediction is his political journey has come to an end. The taxpaying voters of the South Bay have wised up to his pompous ramblings,, are sickened by self promotion at coin tossings, and our wallets have been drained one too many times with his poor financial decisions as a member of the Board. Time to get a real job Mr. McCann - we need true leadership.

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