What’s changed two years later


Undoubtedly, by the time I have adjusted to the recent time change (clocks digital and otherwise should be set an hour later than they were this time last month) it will be time to change again.

In the same way, once I have accepted that, yes, it really is November/Thanksgiving/Christmas already!, it will be time to wrap my head around it being a new year.

2022 A.C.

After COVID.

In December 2019 the first reports of a novel coronavirus spreading across Wuhan, China were attracting the attention of virologists and doctors but it wasn’t until COVID-19 landed here that Americans sat up and took note. We all know what immediately ensued.

Now, two years later, the virus is still among us—as are its variant siblings—but along with it are a vaccine (though vaccination and booster rates have plateaued) and a better understanding of its spread and treatment.

In one year we have gone from complete social and business “lockdowns” to mitigate the spread to a near resumption of business-as-usual life-is-normal-again.

In parks we see families picnicking and kids playing pick up soccer, while downtown on Third Avenue in Chula Vista beer fans sample the hoppy offerings associated with Beer Week 2021.

In National City’s Kimball Park the community once again gathers for festive occasions while outside Sweetwater High School, students linger and goof off before and after the school day begins.

It wasn’t that long ago that the sun was setting later than it is today. Or people were planning their Labor Day, Independence Day and Memorial Day parties and safety protocols.

And now we’re planning Thanksgiving meals and holiday gatherings and talking about even more trips across the country and around the world as travel restrictions peel away, leaving us free to resume the lives we left behind two years ago.

We adapt to the changes because in time there will be more changes to adapt to.

But even in change there is constant. This time next year we’ll probably be adjusting to the time change and marvelling at how suddenly late in the year it is. Again.

Whether we’ll be marking the pandemic’s third anniversary remains to be seen.

What’s changed two years later