Sushi spotlight: Goody’s Sushi & Grill is hidden gem in National City


As a foodie, I’m constantly on the hunt for little hidden gems. Hidden gems can be found across the breadth of our South Bay community.

They’re the local small businesses that are family owned, family operated and ooze passion for the craft they pursue.
Even in a time where technology easily links people and places together, word-of-mouth is still the best form of advertising that exists.

These gems are the establishments whose patrons come via conversation and not via ad placements. There is no amount of dollars that can be spent on the genuine recommendations and accolades these businesses acquire.

Goody’s Sushi & Grill is no exception to my definition of hidden gem; in fact, this eatery is the epitome of it.

I first came to this restaurant because of a friend’s mention. I would consider Goody’s one of South Bay’s best-kept secrets but that is an ironic statement. The restaurant opens at 11 a.m. and during my last visit, I arrived and sat at 11:10 a.m. and, within 20 minutes, the place was full.

In fact, it’s always full.

The gentleman who sat next to me simply asked Goody to prepare a sushi dish for him — chef’s pick, any kind of roll. That kind of trust is insurmountable and speaks volumes of the quality of food here.

This is my preferred sushi spot in the South Bay, bar none. The fish is very fresh and high quality. My favorite rolls are the Tipsy Tuna, Hello Kitty, Nasty City and Red Velvet. There are daily specials and I highly suggest taking advantage of these as they are not regular menu items, such as the pork belly. The pork belly was amazing. So amazing that it 86’d (sold out) within the hour I was there.

Poké and other Asian fusion favorites are served here, too.

Chef Goody has been serving the South Bay community for seven years. Goody’s Sushi & Grill is his first restaurant endeavor and it’s a family affair. He explained that at a young age he understood that food combined with hard work is a very powerful thing.

“Cooking is everything,” he said. “Cooking is a cure for everything; it’s universal.”

The warmth of the staff at Goody’s alone brings people back. Combine that warmth with delicious food and an incredibly inviting space, this hidden gem is definitely something to be celebrated.

Editor’s note: Kris Galicia Brown is an accomplished food and recipe developer, blogger and published author. She contributes original recipes and food concepts to blogs and publications such as, Good Morning America, Barnes & Noble cookbooks and Cake Master’s Magazine among others. She is the author of “Pop Art: Decorating and Shaping Custom Cake Pops.”

Kris has a ginormous love for great food, sweets and a passion for her community. She lives near Imperial Beach with her husband and two daughters.

Sushi spotlight: Goody’s Sushi & Grill is hidden gem in National City