Tough luck

It started with Al Gore in 2000. Gore was beaten by hundreds of votes in Florida, and due to millions of votes going to Ralph Nader. Then in 2016 a man with no experience in politics, little knowledge of history, or science won the election beating Hillary. Some Democrats stayed home thinking the Donald could not win. Bernie Sanders would have beaten him if he had been chosen.

Bernie was the leading candidate in 2019. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez convinced him to back Medicare for all. Voters thought it would be far too expensive. Eloquent Bernie was an also ran again.

Now Joe Biden is our fearless leader. It appears that after the midterm curse diminished Clinton and Obama after their first two years in office, it appears that Democrats in Congress will lose many seats in both houses of Congress. Tough luck Joe.


Deuel Woodward resides in Chula Vista.