Leadership fail

As a former teacher at Harborside Elementary, I am appalled at the way the City of Chula Vista and the Chula Vista Elementary School District have fumbled the handling of homeless-related crime, delinquency and indecency impacting students, staff and familes. In 2006, Chula Vista officials dedicated Harborside Park in celebration with the community. I was there. It was the first park to open on the west side in over 25 years. Now, there are plans to temporarily close the park. It represents a total failure of the city, and the school district. The city in particular is waiving the white flag, acknowledging it has no real plan to address homelessness, and is surrendering the park. Instead of providing leadership, the CVESD Board has remained silent so as not to embarrass City Councilmember Andrea Cardenas, who represents the area. Leadership matters. It is clear leadership has failed the West side, and Harborside in particular.

Laurie K. Humphrey resides in Chula Vista.