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Red Devils set the standard in South Bay League Phillip Brents | Thu, May 12 2011 07:44 PM

The Sweetwater Red Devils track and field team returned to familiar territory this season as South Bay League dual champions. Both the Red Devil boys and girls teams finished undefeated in league dual meets. SuHi’s 6-0 record topped Olympian in the girls standings and Castle Park in the boys standings.

Head coach Tim Latham, who has become an iconic figure in South County coaching circles, admitted “pleasant surprise,” in his words, at the accomplishments of this year’s team.

“We still have a very young team and at the beginning of the season didn’t know how well we would do,” he said. “We’re starting a lot of freshmen and sophomores. We only have one senior boy and about five senior girls.”

Latham, who has been with the Sweetwater program since 1988, said success has come about through a number of means — not only for this season but apparently for a bright future as well.

“We had a big turnout this year,” the veteran SuHi coach said. “We had a lot of kids who were capable of doing a lot of events, four or more events, and we were able to move them around successfully.”

Part of the credit, Latham said, also goes to the program’s cadre of knowledgeable assistant coaches, many of whom have been with the program for lengthy stints.

“I think every year we have potential and that’s the selling point to the kids,” Latham said. “Getting them to work hard comes from that. If you combine both — potential and hard work — good things happen.”

A number of SuHi student-athletes have etched their names on league and section leader lists this season. They will be on parade — along with the best of the Mesa and South Bay leagues — at Friday’s Metro Conference finals at Otay Ranch High School.

Among them are hurdler Alejandro Garcia, long jumper and hurdler Maria Garcia, miler Abdi Castellanos, Prisma Mendoza (mile and two-mile), Ronnel Jamir (discus), Spenser Curtis (high jump and pole vault), George Martinez (two mile) and pole vaulter Xiomara Mascorro.

Friday’s meet opens with field events at 3:30 p.m., followed by running events at 5 p.m.

Metro Conference Top Prelim Marks

South Bay League/Girls

100: Nicole Johnson (Olympian) 12.87, Australia Rowlings (Olympian) 13.38, Emily O’Bryant (Mar Vista) 13.73, Tiara Mace (Olympian) 13.81, Semara Henry (Castle Park) 14.17, Claudia Garcia (Montgomery) 14.40, Christie Mollasgo (San Ysidro) 14.32, Rusdee Wittmann (Montgomery) 14.33, Aleka Almazan (San Ysidro) 14.56. Non-qualifier: Candace Akaigbe (Sweetwater) 14.87

200: Nicole Johnson (Olympian) 26.83, Nirelle Davis (Olympian) 28.01, Australia Rowlings (Olympian) 27.69, Xiomara Mascorro (Sweetwater) 28.87, Cherione Perkins (Montgomery) 29.02, Karen Galvez (Montgomery) 29.20, Lithuania Parra (Sweetwater) 29.27, Sirena Diaz (Sweetwater) 29.38, Alexis Rodriguez (Southwest) 29.74. Non-qualifiers: Semara Henry (Castle Park) 29.90, Andrea Herrera (San Ysidro) 29.92, Kalicia Jackson (Castle Park) 29.99, Aleka Almazan (San Ysidro) 31.48

400: Kristina Brown (Olympian) 59.49, Rachael Rainey (Olympian) 1:00.05, Cherione Perkins (Montgomery) 1:04.40, Lithuania Parra (Sweetwater) 1:04.42, Alexis Rodriguez (Southwest) 1:06.26, Munoz Marty (Olympian) 1:06.48, Gloria Loza (Montgomery) 1:06.75, Sirena Diaz (Sweetwater) 1:07.39, Cassandra Palacios (Southwest) 1:11.97. Non-qualifier: Sarah Herrera (Souhwest) 1:17.07

800: Prisma Mendoza (Sweetwater) 2:25.83, Kioana Smith (Olympian) 2:29.70, Keeshawna Jackson (Castle Park) 2:32.89, Carla Hernandez (San Ysidro) 2:36.83, Jazmin Romo (Sweetwater) 2:36.89, Alexi Chaires (Castle Park) 2:57.75, Delia Jacobo (Southwest) 2:39.97, Tanya Ortega (Castle Park) 2:46.38, Liliana Morales (Montgomery) 3:02.36

100 hurdles: Maria Garcia (Sweetwater) 16.85,  Emily O’Bryant (Mar Vista) 17.44, Rie Davis (Olympian) 18.34, Tiara Mace (Olympian) 19.14, Janelle Madriaga (Castle Park) 19.18, Cerene Pablo (Montgomery) 19.34, Karen Galvez (Montgomery) 19.74, Janine Galan (San Ysidro) 20.24

300 hurdles: Charmayne Judkins (Olympian) 49.08, Emily O’Bryant (Mar Vista) 51.29, Maria Garcia (Sweetwater) 49.99, Karen Galvez (Montgomery) 51.50, Tiara Mace (Olympian) 51.85, Janine Galan (San Ysidro) 52.34, Savannah Allen (Olympian) 52.42, Janelle Madriaga (Castle Park) 52.60, Cerene Pablo (Montgomery) 54.78. Non-qualifiers: Lara Aquino (Southwest) 58.89, Cassandra Palacios (Southwest) 59.10

Long jump:
Maria Garcia (Sweetwater) 14-4, Ka-Myra Lester (Southwest) 14-3.5, Semara Henry (Castle Park) 14-2, Maribel Gutierrez (Southwest) 13-7.5, Lori Lopez (Olympian) 13-3.5, Candace Akaigbe (Sweetwater) 13-3, Tiona Lyons-King (Olympian) 13-2, Christie Mollasgo (San Ysidro) 13-0, Aleka Almazan (San Ysidro) 12-11.5, Rie Davis (Olympian) 12-9.5, Rusdee Wittmann (Montgomery) 12-8.5

Discus throw:
Vicky Ah-You (Sweetwater) 97-3, Jessica Mendoza (Castle Park) 92-6.5, Elizabeth Vieyra (Sweetwater) 86-5, Crystal Del Valle (Sweetwater) 73-9, Nakeenya Jackson (Castle Park) 73-8, Nathalie Rivera (Castle Park) 71-8.5, Sina Fui Fui (Montgomery) 69-1, Amanda Newman (Olympian) 67-4, Lauren Lund (San Ysidro) 66-2.5, Sahara Astrop (San Ysidro) 62-6.5, Bianca Marquez (San Ysidro) 61-8.75

South Bay League/Boys

100: Manny Quiambao (Montgomery) 11.08, Asante Gibson (Olympian) 11.28, Paris Kinsey (Montgomery) 11.51, Daniel Castro (Sweetwater) 11.50,  Andrell Snowden (Olympian) 11.52, Jaime Valenzuela (Sweetwater)  11.78, Victor Ayala (San Ysidro) 11.77, Steven Sommer (Castle Park) 12.00, Harrison Hulin (Olympian) 12.04. Non-qualifiers: Kalib Wells (San Ysidro) 12.05, Jordan Lertique (Mar Vista) 12.21, Pierre Davis (Southwest) 12.22, Bennie Smith (Mar Vista) 12.42, Shaquille Dixon (Montgomery) 12.51, Richard Ingram (San Ysidro) 12.52, James Brantley (Mar Vista) 12.85

200: Manny Quiambao (Montgomery) 22.51, Sagon Penn (Olympian) 23.89, Daniel Castro (Sweetwater) 23.60, Steven Sommer (Castle Park) 24.32, Andrell Snowden (Olympian) 23.84, Jaime Valenzuela (Sweetwater) 24.92, Isaiah Gibson (Olympian) 23.95, Daniel Padilla (Montgomery) 24.45, Kalib Wells (San ysidro), 25.27. Non-qualifiers: Richard Ingram (San Ysidro) 25.34, Bennie Smith (Mar Vista) 25.61, Jimmie Hill (Mar Vista) 26.15, James Brantley (Mar Vista) 26.25, Shaquille Dixon (Montgomery) 26.32

400: Manny Quiambao (Montgomery) 52.14, Andrew Fukashima (Olympian) 52.75, Anselmo Fuentes (Mar Vista) 54.45, James Woods (Olympian) 54.64, Daniel Hernandez (Castle Park) 54.64, Xavier Alvarado (Olympian) 54.94, Raymond Dibella (Sweetwater) 55.34

800: Bryan Alvarado (Sweetwater) 2:05.89, Ernesto Sanchez (Mar Vista) 2:06.92, Daniel Del Valle (Sweetwater) 2:06.81, Jonathan Cardenas (Sweetwater) 2:08.21, David Bobadilla (Montgomery) 2:08.33, James Woods (Olympian) 2:09.16, Eduardo Macias (Montgomery) 2:08.56, Milton Gutierrez (Castle Park) 2:11.98, Cristian Flores (Castle Park) 2:12.99. Non-qualifiers: Jesus Hernandez (Olympian) 2:13.07, Gerardo Vazquez (Castle Park) 2:13.63, Jordan Snyder (Mar Vista) 2:13.93, Alfredo Guadalupe (Southwest) 2:24.14, Anthony Chavez (Southwest) 2:24.35, David Ruelas (Montgomery) 2:26.29

110high  hurdles:
Julian Robinson (Olympian) 15.71, Alejandro Garcia (Sweetwater) 16.47, Andrew Fukashima (Olympian) 16.50, Luis Venegas (Sweetwater) 17.11, Saladin Nasser (Sweetwater) 16.97, Diego Rodriguez (Montgomery) 17.15, Abran Gurrola (Mar Vista) 17.00, Elija Reyes (San Ysidro) 17.73, Miguel Trujillo (Montgomery) 19.73

300 intermediate hurdles: Julian Robinson (Olympian) 40.80, Alejandro Garcia (Sweetwater) 41.69, Andrew Fukashima (Olympian) 41.73, Abran Gurrola (Mar Vista) 44.60, Luis Venegas (Sweetwater) 44.32, Paris Kinsey (Montgomery) 46.51, Nick Martinez (Castle Park) 44.36, Anselmo Fuentes (Mar Vista) 45.21, Miguel Trujillo (Montgomery) 50.23

Long jump:
Chevy King (Castle Park) 20-8.75, Saladin Nasser (Sweetwater)  20-0.5, Victor Ayala (San Ysidro) 19-10, Alejandro Garcia (Sweetwater) 19-7.5, Jaime Valenzuela (Sweetwater) 19-3.75, Pierre Davis (Southwest) 18-8, Andrell Snowden (Olympian) 18-7.5. Marcos Henry (Olympian) 18-2, Patrick Chavez (San Ysidro) 17-9.5, Andres Gutirrez (Southwest) 17-3, Jorge Beltran (Southwest) 17-1, James Brantley (Mar Vista) 16-9, Jimmie Hills (Mar Vista) 15-4, Bennie Smith (Mar Vista) 14-7

Discus throw:
Ralph Pangilinan (Sweetwater) 125-0, Lucky Sansano (Olympian) 114-8, Fangupo Tafoki (Mar Vista) 109-0, Manny Salcedo (Castle Park) 108-8.5, Jordan Lertique (Mar Vista) 108-6.5, Jorge Bonilla (Sweetwater) 107-5,  James Chew (Olympian) 107-2.5, Edgar Soto (Castle Park) 102-5, Ronnel Jamir (Sweetwater) 101-10, Erick Hernandez (Castle Park) 101-0, Ricardo Medina (Olympian) 95-5, Saul Quinones (San Ysidro) 92-11, Juan Pab Torryblanca (San Ysidro) 85-6.5, Steve Torres (Montgomery) 79-9

Mesa League/Girls
100: Cardedra Evans (Mater Dei) 12.80, Tiana Gillon (Hilltop) 12.86, Andrea Castro (Bonita Vista) 13.13, Brianna Davis (Otay Ranch) 13.21, Ayanna Riley (Otay Ranch) 13.15, Andrea Carrillo (Hilltop) 13.31

400: Daeniesha Burell (Chula Vista) 1:00.26, Sarah Garces (Eastlake) 1:00.74, Kiera Williams (Otay Ranch) 1:00.84, Ayana White (Bonita Vista) 1:01.51, Jasmine Lloyd (Bonita Vista) 1:02.13, Alyssabe De Jerez (Bonita Vista) 1:02.24

800: Raelene Dearmas (Bonita Vista) 2:24.30, Carina Gillespie (Otay Ranch) 2:24.88, Maria Johnson (Bonita Vista) 2:25.10, Cynthia Ruffin (Chula Vista) 2:27.21, Karla Gadea (Otay Ranch) 2:25.47, Carly Hintz (Eastlake) 2:27.80

100 hurdles: Alyssa Chang (Otay Ranch) 16.01, Jade Palm (Bonita Vista) 16.12, Jessica Valencia (Hilltop) 17.46, Charmaine Strayhorn (Eastlake) 17.53, Tahlia Malachi (Eastlake) 17.57, Ashley Keeline (Hilltop) 17.88

300 hurdles: Alyssa Chang (Otay Ranch) 47.66, Jade Palm (Bonita Vista) 47.86, Ashley Keeline (Hilltop) 49.55, Jessica Valencia (Hilltop) 52.27, Tahlia Malachi (Eastlake) 49.75, Courtney Holman (Otay Ranch) 52.72

Mesa League/Boys
100: Tavarus Green (Eastlake) 11.54, Jalen Mondane (Eastlake) 11.56, Chris Fletcher (Eastlake) 11.57, Luke Lightbody (Bonita Vista) 11.76, David Mondy (Otay Ranch) 11.85, Andre Jones (Otay Ranch) 11.98
400: Darran Hall (Eastlake) 52.07, Andrew Freeman (Chula Vista) 52.58, James Adams (Otay Ranch) 52.62, Kevin Merlin (Otay Ranch) 52.99, Andre Monaco (Eastlake) 53.00, Andrew Johnson (Eastlake) 53.10

800: Trent Warren (Eastlake) 2:02.52, Shinaola Agbede (Bonita Vista) 2:03.23, Paul Tatoy (Otay Ranch) 2:03.24, Michael Barker (Otay Ranch) 2:03.85, Jo Serrano-Flores (Chula Vista) 2:03.66, Daniel Cheslter (Bonita Vista) 2:04.15

110 high hurdles: J’Vion Johnson (Otay Ranch) 14.96, Isaac Mallett (Otay Ranch) 16.12, Jared Kelley (Eastlake) 16.29, Cameron Espinosa (Eastlake) 16.52, Michael Hendricks (Eastlake) 16.61, Nathaniel Nelson (Otay Ranch) 17.15

300 intermediate hurdles: Isaac Mallett (Otay Ranch) 40.03, J’Vion Johnson (Otay Ranch) 42.59, Nathaniel Nelson (Otay Ranch) 43.57, Michael Hendricks (Eastlake) 43.85, Joshua Su (Bonita Vista) 43.98, Jared Kelley (Eastlake) 44.68

Metro Conference/Top 10 Section Leaders
(Through May 7/Section rankings)

Boys Running Events
100: Donald Molton (Otay Ranch) 11.08 (11th section), Tavarus Green (Eastlake) 11.22, Chris Fletcher (Eastlake) 11.36, Jalen Mondane (Eastlake) 11.48. Converted times: Manny Quiambao (Montgomery) 10.94, Paris Kinsey (Montgomery) 11.34, Asante Gibson (Olympian) 11.44, Andrell Snowden (Olympian) 11.54, Harrison Hulin (Olympian) 11.64. Note: Orendo Barrett (Sweetwater) 11.60 wind-aided time

200: Manny Quiambao (Montgomery) 22.2 (12th section), Isaac Mallett (Otay Ranch) 22.93, Tavarus Green (Eastlake) 23.35. Converted times: Sagon Penn (Olympian) 23.44, Harrison Hulin (Olympian) 23.64

400: Darran Hall (Eastlake) 50.83, Michael Barker (Otay Ranch) 51.83, Kevin Merlin (Otay Ranch) 52.03, James Woods (Olympian) 52.29, Andrew Freeman (Chula Vista) 52.29, James Adams (Otay Ranch) 52.45, Andre Monaco (Eastlake) 52.48, Isaac Mallett (Otay Ranch) 52.63, Andrew Fukishima (Olympian) 52.75. Converted time: Manny Quiambao (Montgomery) 51.54

800: Michael Barker (Otay Ranch) 1:57.45 (15th section), Trent Warren (Eastlake) 1:58.16), Jose Serrano-Flores (Chula Vista) 1:59.30, Kevin Merlin (Otay Ranch) 2:00.14, Paul Tatoy (Otay Ranch) 2:00.56, Bryan Alvarado (Sweetwater) 2:02.18, Shinaola Agbede (Bonita Vista) 2:04.69, Ernesto Sanchez (Mar Vista) 2:04.79, Caesar Castillo (Bonita Vista) 2:05.15

1600: Trent Warren (Eastlake) 4:19.98 (9th section), Caesar Castillo (Bonita Vista) 4:26.40, Steven Martinez (Otay Ranch) 4:27.55, Abdi Castellanos (Sweetwater) 4:34.90, Zach Velasquez (Otay Ranch) 4:35.09, Shinaola Agbede (Bonita Vista) 4:36.69, Jacob Sherman (Bonita Vista) 4:36.80, George Martinez (Sweetwater) 4:37.05

3200: Caesar Castillo (Bonita Vista) 9:36.60, Steven Martinez (Otay Ranch) 9:39.46, Salvador Salinas (Otay Ranch) 9:47.19, Miguel Lopez (Castle Park) 9:54.05, Jose Suarez (Bonita Vista) 9:57.62, George Martinez (Sweetwater) 10:01.12, Shinaola Agbede (Bonita Vista) 10:04.03, Jacob Sherman (Bonita Vista) 10:04.68, Abdi Castellanos (Sweetwater) 10:08.98

110 high hurdles: J’Vion Johnson (Otay Ranch) 15.41, Alejandro Garcia (Sweetwater) 15.61, Isaac Mallett (Otay Ranch) 15.63, Jared Kelley (Eastlake) 16.33, Darien Delfin (Eastlake) 16.51, Cameron Espinosa (Eastlake) 16.54, Michael Hendricks (Eastlake) 16.74, Saladin Nasser (Sweetwater) 16.84. Converted times: Julian Robinson (Olympian) 15.94, Jazzamoart Lestrade (Southwest) 17.04

300 intermediate hurdles: Isaac Mallett (Otay Ranch) 38.90 (3rd section), Julian Robinson (Olympian) 39.91 (10th section), Alejandro Garcia (Sweetwater) 40.70, J’Vion Johnson (Otay Ranch) 40.85, Nathaniel Nelson (Otay Ranch) 41.43, Michael Hendricks (Eastlake) 41.93, Andrew Fukashima (Olympian) 42.05, Paris Kinsey (Montgomery) 42.54, Mark Bjornsson (Otay Ranch) 42.73, Abran Gurrola (Mar Vista) 43.05

4x100 relay: Eastlake 43.10 (6th section), Southwest 43.81, Olympian 44.30, Otay Ranch 44.58, Sweetwater 45.21, Bonita Vista 45.26, San Ysidro 47.06, Castle Park 47.07, Hilltop 47.22, Chula Vista 47.22. Converted time: Montgomery 45.34

4x400 relay: Otay Ranch 3:25.50 (9th section), Olympian 3:27.31, Eastlake 3:31.46, Chula Vista 3:35.61, Sweetwater 3:37.29, Castle Park 3:41.55, Montgomery 3:43.20, Bonita Vista 3:43.95, Mar Vista 3:45.02

Boys Field Events

High jump: J’Vion Johnson (Otay Ranch) 6-4 (tied 6th section), Spenser Curtis (Sweetwater), Branden Greene (Bonita Vista) 6-2 (tied 10th section), Pierre Davis (Southwest) 5-10, Marques Roberts (Otay Ranch) 5-10, Travis Gardner (Eastlake) 5-9, Chris Martin (Otay Ranch) 5-8, Deion Williams (Otay Ranch) 5-8, Aaron Baltazar (Eastlake) 5-8, Chevy King (Castle Park) 5-6, Spencer Mattox (Sweetwater) 5-6, Sean Jones (Montgomery) 5-6, Diego Rodriguez (Montgomery) 5-6

Pole vault: Alex Law (Otay Ranch) 14-6 (tied 3rd section), Alejandro Lopez (Eastlake) 12-6, Alexander Lopez (Eastlake) 12-6, Erid Dredla (Eastlake) 12-6, German Palma (Bonita Vista) 12-0, Spenser Curtis (Sweetwater) 11-6, Daniel Torres (Bonita Vista) 11-0, Diego Esparza (Eastlake) 11-0, Daniel Williams (Eastlake) 11-0, Andres Morineau (Montgomery) 10-6, Luis Venegas (Sweetwater) 10-6, Daniel Hernandez (Castle Park) 10-6, Nick Herrera (Eastlake) 10-6, Nick Gula (Otay Ranch) 10-6, Myron Parades (Eastlake) 10-6

Long jump: Chevy King (Castle Park) 22-10 (3rd section), Jordan Hines (Eastlake) 22-6.5 (7th section), Travis Gardner (Eastlake) 21-3.5, Jabre Millon (Bonita Vista) 20-11.5, Chris Martin (Otay Ranch) 20-11, Alejandro Garcia (Sweetwater) 20-8, Andrew Freeman (Chula Vista) 20-5.25. Wind-aided mark: Marques Roberts (Otay Ranch) 22-7.75, Saladin Nasser (Sweetwater) 22-3, Marcos Henry (Olympian) 20-1.75

Triple jump: Jordan Hines (Eastlake) 48-7.5 (2nd section), Marques Roberts (Otay Ranch) 48-6.5 (3rd section), Chevy King (Castle Park) 46-4 (4th section), Sean Esteban (Otay Ranch) 43-8.5, Saladin Nasser (Sweetwater) 43-3, Andrew Freeman (Chula Vista) 42-6.5, Travis Gardner (Eastlake) 41-11.5, Steven Sommer (Castle Park) 41-8

Shot put: Jon Bajet (Otay Ranch) 50-3, James Duberg (Bonita Vista) 45-10.5, Alex Cornist (Olympian) 42-5, Wilbur Keller (Bonita Vista) 42-2, Jorge Bonilla (Sweetwater) 41-11, Eddie Medrano (Mater Dei) 41-9.5, Sean Fuiamano (Bonita Vista) 41-6, John Grylls (Olympian) 41-0, Larae Butler (Otay Ranch) 40-4

Discus throw: Jon Bajet (Otay Ranch) 161-1 (3rd section), Gary Birtwell  (Otay Ranch) 127-4, Ronnel Jamir (Sweetwater) 125-9, Wilbur Keller (Bonita Vista) 122-9, Ralph Pangilinan (Sweetwater) 122-3, Sean Fuiamano (Bonita Vista) 121-1, Larae Butler (Otay Ranch) 120-6, Victor Caravrco (Mar Vista) 119-10.5, Manny Salcedo (Castle Park) 119-3, Aaron Conde (Otay Ranch) 116-10

Girls Running Events
100: Cardedra Evans (Mater Dei) 12.42 (3rd section), Ayanna Riley (Otay Ranch) 12.64, Viviana Gonzalez (Mater Dei Catholic) 12.95, Maritza Lopez-Portillo (mater Dei Catholic) 13.11, Brianna Davis (Otay Ranch) 13.21. Converted times: Nicole Johnson (Olympian) 12.24, Australia Rawling (Olympian) 12.44, Tuiana Gillon (Hilltop) 12.74, Emily O'Bryant (Mar Vista) 12.74, Carla Flores (Montgomery) 13.14
200: Nicole Johnson (Olympian) 26.22 (9th section), Tiana Gillon (Hilltop) 26.45, Kiera Williams (Otay Ranch) 26.55, Ayanna Riley (Otay Ranch) 26.85, Jasmine Lloyd (Bonita Vista) 27.17, Cardedcra Evans (Mater Dei Catholic) 27.21, Ayanna White (Bonita Vista) 27.29. Converted time: Rachael Rainey (Olympian) 26.44. Note: Viviana Gonzalez (Mater Dei Catholic) 26.63 and Alexandria Young (Mater Dei Catholic) 27.22 wind-aided automatic times

400: Kiera Williams (Otay Ranch) 59.65, Sarah Garces (Eastlake) 1:00.01, Ayana White (Bonita Vista) 1:00.68, Daniela Sullivan (Eastlake) 1:00.96, Carina Gillespie (Otay Ranch) 1:01.52, Raelene Dearmas (Bonita Vista) 1:01.78, Jasmine Lloyd (Bonita Vista) 1:03.59, Alyssabeth De Jerez (Bonita Vista) 1:03.78. Converted times: Rachael Rainey (Olympian) 1:01.64, Kristina Brown (Olympian) 1:03.74

800: Carina Gillespie (Otay Ranch) 2:13.51 (3rd section), Raelene Dearmas (Bonita Vista) 2:22.47, Karla Gadea (Otay Ranch) 2:22.60, Kioana Smith (Olympian) 2:23.94, Cynthia Ruffin (Chula Vista) 2:24.53, Carly Hintz (Eastlake) 2:26.00, Cristina Hernandez (Bontia Vista) 2:28.01, Keeshawna Jackson (Castle Park) 2:28.42, Maria Johnson (Bonita Vista) 2:28.82, Briana Patricio (Otay Ranch) 2:29.31

1600: Carina Gillespie (Otay Ranch) 5:14.14, Catie LeDesma (Otay Ranch) 5:18.36, Ana Gonzalez (Eastlake) 5:20.55, Prisma Mendoza (Sweetwater) 5:22.00, Cristina Hernandez (Bonita Vista) 5:22.37, Sofia Garcia (Bonita Vista) 5:24.20, Maria Johnson (Bonita Vista) 5:28.94, Blanca DeLaRocha (Otay Ranch) 5:29.27, Brianna Crain (Chula Vista) 5:34.10, Keeshawna Jackson (Castle Park) 5:34.51

3200: Catie LeDesma (Otay Ranch) 11:25.49, Sofia Garcia (Bonita Vista) 11:39.69, Rebecca Mendoza (Chula Vista) 11:40.62, Cristina Hernandez (Bonita Vista) 11:42.34, Julianna Corrao (Otay Ranch) 11:52.37, Prisma Mendoza (Sweetwater) 11:52.86, Blanca DeLaRocha (Otay Ranch) 12:00.37, Mariza Diaz (Chula Vista) 12:01.38, Alina Corona (Eastlake) 12:01.86, Andie LeDesma (Otay Ranch) 12:02.36

100 hurdles: Alyssa Chang (Otay Ranch) 15.74 (8th section), Jade Palm (Bonita Vista) 16.40, Maria Garcia (Sweetwater) 16.85, Tahlia Malachi (Eastlake) 17.65, Charmaine Strayhorn (Eastlake) 17.78, Courtney Holman (Otay Ranch) 18.12. Converted times: Emily O'Bryant (Mar Vista) 16.94, Jessica Valencia (Hilltop) 17.24, Rie Davis (Olympian) 18.34. Note: Janica Abagat (Castle Park) 18.58 automatic wind-aided

300 hurdles: Alyssa Chang (Otay Ranch) 46.96 (10th section), Jade Palm (Bonita Vista) 47.22, Charmayne Judkins (Olympian) 47.33, Tahlia Malachi (Eastlake) 48.68, Maria Garcia (Sweetwater) 50.36, Savannah Allen (Olympian) 50.92, Jessica Valencia (Hilltop) 51.43. Converted times: Emily O'Bryant (Mar Vista) 49.84, Karen Galvez (Montgomery) 51.44

4x100 relay: Otay Ranch 49.86 (6th section), Hilltop 50.28, mater Dei Catholic 50.29, Eastlake 51.26, Olympian 51.31, Bonita Vista 51.81, Sweetwater 53.15, Chula Vista 54.68, Montgomery 54.84, Castle Park 54.99

4x400 relay: Bonita Vista 4:07.62 (7th section), Otay Ranch 4:07.84 (8th section), Eastlake 4:10.95, Olympian 4:13.94, Chula Vista 4:19.00, Castle Park 4:27.98, M ontgomery 4:32.04, Mater Dei Catholic 4:34.72, Sweetwater 4:37.96Mar Vista 5:05.10

Girls Field Events
Pole vault:
Tiffany Smith (Otay Ranch) 11-6 (4th section), Korin Chapman (Eastlake) 9-0, Jazmyn Chapman (Eastlake) 8-6, Xiomara Mascorro (Sweetwater) 8-6, Elizabeth Castro (Eastlake) 8-6, Lori Lopez (Olympian) 8-0, Andrea Castro (Bonita Vista) 7-6, Adrienne Bidwell (Chula Vista) 7-6, Brooke Reynolds (Otay Ranch) 7-6

Triple jump: Alexandria Young (Mater Dei) 37-11.5 (section leader), Brianna Davis (Otay Ranch) 33-10, Kayla Jones (Otay Ranch) 33-9.5, Daeniesha Burell (Chula Vista) 33-2.5, Alana Harrison-Parks (Eastlake) 33-1, Charmaine Strayhorn (Eastlake) 32-0, Alyssa Haslerig (Otay Ranch) 31-6.75, Jennifer Hart (Bonita Vista) 31-4.25, Keeshawna Jackson (Castle Park) 31-3.5, Jenelle Hudson (Bonita Vista) 31-2.25

Shot put: Jessica Mendoza (Castle Park) 35-8.25, Jaleisha Freeman (Bonita Vista) 35-8, Sina Fui Fui (Montgomery) 32-6.5, Vicky Ah-You (Sweetwater) 32-4.5, Leerza Iuta (Otay Ranch) 29-10, Jenine Elpidio (Sweetwater) 29-9, Karenira Alvarez (Bonita Vista) 29-8, Kaylanee Jones (Bonita Vista) 29-5.25, Crystal Del Valle (Sweetwater) 29-2

Discus throw:
Leeza Iuta (Otay Ranch) 100-10, Anessa Wolfblack (Chula Vista) 100-3, Jenelle Hudson (Bonita Vista) 98-5, Vanessa Zarate (Otay Ranch) 98-4, Andrea Umali (Eastlake) 97-0, Jessica Mendoza (Castle Park) 94-10, Crystal Del Valle (Sweetwater) 94-5, Nathalie Rivera (Castle Park) 91-6, Ashley Ross (Eastlake) 90-2, Vicky Ah-You (Sweetwater) 87-3

Long jump: Keeshawna Jackson (Castle Park) 5-2, Alexandria Young (Mater Dei Catholic) 5-2, Kristina Brown (Olympian) 5-0, Nirelle Davis (Olympian) 5-0, Brianna Davis (Otay Ranch) 4-10, Tahlia Malachi (Eastlake) 4-10, Jennifer Hart (Bonita Vista) 4-10, Charmayne Judkins (Olympian) 4-109, Tiffany Smith (Olympian) 4-8, Tiana Wood (Otay Ranch) 4-8, Kelly Purdy (Bonita Vista) 4-8, Alexa De Jerez (Bonita Vista) 4-8, Kylie Kruger (Bonita Vista) 4-8, Leslie Thompson (Otay Ranch) 4-8

Long jump: Maria Garcia (Sweetwater) 16-6.5, Viviana Gonzalez (Mater Dei Catholic) 16-4, Christie Mollasgo (San Ysidro) 16-0, Tiana Wood (Otay Ranch) 15-6, Daeniesha Burell (Chula Vista) 15-5.5, Kayla Jones (Otay Ranch) 15-5, Semara Henry (Castle Park) 15-4.5, Charmaine Strayhorn (Eastlake) 15-4, Lynette Sandoval (Chula Vista) 15-2, Ayanna Riley (Otay Ranch) 15-1

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