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Little League field of dreams includes four section champs Phillip Brents | Fri, Aug 12 2011 02:19 AM

Shades of 2009! Could it all be happening again? In Chula Vista, of all places?!

When two teams — both history-making firsts — from Park View and Luckie Waller Little Leagues each captured California Section 7 championships on July 19, it sent off waves of excitement and pride in both local organizations.

The road to the Little League World Series took one more turn ahead for — count ’em — four Chula Vista teams.

“It’s truly amazing to have two teams get to the sub-divisional round,” Park View Little League President Rod Roberto said. “It is very difficult to win our own district (District 42). There is a lot of talent in South Bay sports, not just baseball, but other sports.”

Roberto, in particular, must be experiencing dÈj‡ vu these days, as it was the fabled 2009 Park View team that made “Blue Bombers” household words across the planet. An inkling that something magical might be in the works occurred when Ric Ramirez, one of the coaches of that legends-in-their-own-time squad, returned to skipper the 2011 edition.

Ramirez’ son Ben plays on the current 11-12 age division all-star team. Luke Ramirez was perhaps the most recognizable face on the history-making 2009 squad.

There could be new history in the making for the reigning District 42 champions.

Park View qualified both its Little League 10-11 and 11-12 all-star teams for the Sub-Division III South tournament that ends Wednesday. Luckie Waller did the same in both the Junior League and Senior League divisions.

All advanced to the sub-division level after securing Section 7 championships. Park View Little League hosted both the Little League 10-11 and Junior League Division section playoffs.

“It’s a great reflection on the parents for keeping the kids playing,” Luckie Waller Little League President Sam Aleman said. “Many of the kids started at age 5 in T-ball and most have been playing in the league since they were 7 years old. It’s been great seeing all these kids move up and now be champions.”

Luckie Waller’s 2004 Little League 11-12 squad advanced to the division championship tournament (there were no sub-division levels then). Thus, the 2011 LW all-stars have matched that feat.

Sub-Division III winners advance to the Division III tournament. The next level for the Little League 11-12, Junior League and Senior League teams is the western regional, which will include two teams from California.

The Little League 11-12 World Series is scheduled Aug. 18-28 in South Williamsport, Pa.

The Junior League Division World Series is scheduled Aug. 14-20 in Taylor, Mich.

The Senior League Division World Series is schedule Aug. 14-20 in Bangor, Maine.

By the numbers
Of the four District 42 sub-division qualifiers, three won their opening games last Saturday.

•In the Little League 10-11 Division, Park View defeated Mission Viejo (District 68/Section 10) by a score of 6-2 in a game played at District 33 Chollas Lake Little League.

•In the Little League 11-12 Division, Park View defeated Encinitas (District 31/Section 6) by a score of 9-6 in a game played at District 62 Fountain Valley Little League

•In the Senior League Division, Luckie Waller defeated Mid City (District 33/Section 6) by a score of 2-1 in a game played at District 24 Reid Park Little League.

•In the Junior League Division, Luckie Waller lost its opener, 7-0, to University City (District 32/Section 6) in a game played at District 24 La Sierra Little League.

Park View’s opening victory in the Little League 10-11 Division advanced the team to Monday’s game against Encinitas, which resulted in a 10-8 victory and a trip to Wednesday’s championship game..

Of the other two first-round winners, both dropped their subsequent contests to fall to the challenger bracket.

•In the Little League 11-12 Division, Park View lost 9-6 to Canyon Springs (District 24/Section 9).

•In the Senior League Division, Luckie Waller came up short against Orangecrest (District 24/Section 9) by a score of 11-1.

Luckie Waller, however, remained alive in the Junior League Division tournament after defeating Alta Loma (District 71/Section 8), 17-4, in another game played on Sunday.

Entering the week, all four teams remained in contention to advance to the Division III finals, through three of them were hanging on precariously in the challenger bracket, just one loss away from elimination.

Should they battle back to the championship game in the double-elimination tournament, the teams would face the unenviable task of winning twice on Wednesday in order to advance.

Roberto and Aleman both maintain positive views on the road ahead, which could end at any time or lead all the way to the end of the rainbow.

“I do believe that the parents and kids feel that if they work hard good things can happen,” Roberto said. “The Little League World Series team won in 2009 and since it was here in Chula Vista it let others believe they could do it, too.”

Batter up
Nick Conlin and Seth Godfrey, both alums of Park View’s 2009 World Series championship Blue Bombers team, participated this year on Park View’s Junior League Division all-star tournament squad. Park View went 2-2 in district play.


All-Star Rosters
Park View
Little League 10-11 Division

•Aaron Marientes
•Cole Houck
•Gio Jiminez
•Javier Nunez
•Joshua Joiner
•Justin Eicher
•Justin Legaspi
•L.J. Jones
•Marc-Cole Flores
•Matthew Brumbaugh
•Octavio Galasso
•William Dunkle
Manager: Gregg Houck
Coach: Steven Galasso
Coach: Genesis Legaspi

Park View
Little League 11-12 Division

•Abraham Leyva
•Alejandro Melgoza
•Andres Murillio
•Ben Ramirez
•Brandon Ridgels
•Daniel Dorado
•Dean Klaser
•Gregory (Tre) Brown
•Jared Garcia
•Jason Norton
•Justin Bleisch
•Ryan Andrews
Manager: Ric Ramirez
Coach: Jeff Norton
Coach: Will Bleisch

Luckie Waller
Junior League Division

•Jimmy Bolanos
•Abel Lazcano
•Brandon Lopez
•Brandon Lugo
•Ruben Macias
•Dean Nevarez
•Darrien Obaid
•Adrian Olivares
•Victor Ramirez
•Angel Salas
•Gilbert Sanchez
•Brandon Teichman
•David Tover
Manager: Sal Salas
Coach: Tony Prieto
Coach: Gabriel Cortez

Luckie Waller
Senior League Division

•Sammy Aleman
•Ralphy Aranda
•Christian Barajas
•Alex Barron
•Benny Cortes
•Brian Lopez
•Dionasys Kalentermidis
•Ruben Maldonado
•Ernie Marquez
•Josue Martinez
•Anthony Serena
•Everado Tovar
Manager: Efren Diaz
Coach: Samuel Aleman

Little League Sub-Division III South Scoreboard

Little League 10-11 Division
Chollas Lake Little League

Saturday, July 23
Park View (District 42/Section 7) 6, Mission Viejo (District 68/Section 10) 2

Monday, July 25
Park View (District 42/Section 7) 10,  Encinitas (District 31/Section 6) 8

Wednesday, July 27
Encinitas (District 31/Section 6), 11 Park View (District 42/Section 7) 3

Thursday, July 28
Championship game
Park View (District 42/Section 7) vs. Encinitas (District 31/Section 6)

Little League 11-12 Division
Fountain Valley Little League

Saturday, July 23
Park View (District 42/Section 7) 9, Encinitas (District 31/Section 6) 6

Sunday, July 24
Canyon Springs (District 24/Section 9) 6, Park View (District 42/Section 7) 2

Monday, July 25
Park View (District 42/Section 7) 8, Encinitas National (District 31/Section 6) 5

Tuesday, July 26
Park View (District 42/Section 7) 12, Canyon Springs (District 24/Section 9) 1

Wednesday, July 27
Championship game
Ocean View (District 62/Section 10) 5, Park View (District 42/Section 7) 4
Note: Park View eliminated

Junior League Division
La Sierra Little League

Saturday, July 23
University City (District 32/Section 6) 7, Luckie Waller (District 42/Section 7) 0

Sunday, July 24
Luckie Waller (District 42/Section 7) 17, Alta Loma (District 71/Section 8) 4

Monday, July 25
University City (District 32/Section 6) 6, Luckie Waller (District 42/Section 7) 5
Note: Luckie Waller eliminated

Senior League Division
Reid Park Little League

Saturday, July 23
Luckie Waller (District 42/Section 7) 2, Mid City (District 33/Section 6) 1

Sunday, July 24
Orangecrest (District 24/Section 9) 11, Luckie Waller (District 42/Section 7) 1

Monday, July 25
Fontana Community (District 71/Section 8) 9, Luckie Waller (District 42/Section 7) 8
Note: Luckie Waller eliminated

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