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Thank you, Chula Vista

Fri, Mar 07 2014 06:00 AM Posted By: John Mccann

Thank you Chula Vista.

On July 24th, 2013 I was the victim of an almost fatal car accident. My wife, children, the McCann and Wyllie families, and I were very humbled by the outpouring of concern from so many Chula Vistans. Many in our community that contacted us with their sympathy and prayers were our friends, church members and people I had participated with in community organizations like the YMCA, AYSO, CAST, Boys & Girls Club and charitable events, like Christmas in October.  But still there were so many Chula Vistans that reached out with their kindness who I may have only met once or not at all, but heard about the accident in the media.  I received over a thousand letters, notes, get well cards, phone calls, text messages and e-mails from community members concerned about my health and wishing me well.  Because of the volume of well wishes I wanted to thank everyone I can for their support after my accident. It warms my heart that I live in a community with so many caring and humane neighbors.

Many people stop me when I am out to inquire about how I am doing, and they say that they never saw an update in the media.  So, in order to update everyone on the accident, here is a replay of the events of that day.  I had been returning home to Chula Vista on Telegraph Canyon Road when I was struck at a high rate of speed in a residential 45 MPH area. The black box’s data (similar to ones they have on air planes) of the V8, hemi-engine Dodge Challenger stated that the car had been speeding at 87 MPH, almost twice the speed limit, prior to hitting me at the top of my driver door.  The Chula Vista Police report that analyzed the crash with a full reenactment of the incident stated that is was 100% the fault of the speeding Dodge Challenger driver that struck me.

I thank the Chula Vista police, firefighters and paramedics, and AMR (American Medical Response) ambulance crew for their quick response in arriving  at the crash and saving my life.  The firefighters used the Jaws of Life to extract me out of my demolished Saturn and AMR transported me, unconscious, to the UCSD trauma center.  After being in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) clinging to life for several days, I improved enough after a week to be moved to a Sharp Hospital room and then rehabilitation where I received therapy for over 3 months.  From the oncoming car that had t-boned me, I suffered internal injuries, several broken ribs, nerve damage, and a massive concussion.  The suffering I went through was the worst I have ever incurred in my life, but with the grace of God I have recovered extremely well. My doctors say that my recovery is beyond anything they have ever seen before and I credit that to a strong faith in God and the support of my family and community.  I also thank all of the nurses and healthcare workers who treated and nursed me after my accident. 

I am lucky to be alive and to have the blessing to spend many more years with my beautiful wife, amazing children, friends and community members.  Thank you again to all of the Chula Vistans who sent their well wishes and the tremendous support from the community after my accident.  You gave me the strength to get better and I will be forever thankful for your thoughts and prayers.


McCann is a board member of the Sweetwater Unioon High School District.

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