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Stabbing boyfriend punished

Sat, Nov 16 2013 12:00 PM Posted By: Neal Putnam

A man who stabbed a Chula Vista woman he was dating has been sentenced to 17 years in state prison after he pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

Rafael DeLira Gonzalez, 59, was in a dating relationship with the victim who was stabbed several times with a knife inside a 7-Eleven store at 290 I Street in Chula Vista on July 29, said Deputy District Attorney Mary Loeb.

One witness heard the victim screaming and she ran out of the store. Gonzalez chased her around 8:20 p.m. and both were struggling on the ground. Someone called 911. Chula Vista Police found Gonzalez nearby with the help of bystanders pointing him out.

The woman was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. They had been together for some time, said Loeb. Police said Gonzalez was a resident of Mexico.

Gonzalez pleaded guilty to attempted murder and admitted enhancements that he committed “great bodily injury” to the victim and used a deadly weapon. Chula Vista Superior Court Judge Theodore Weathers imposed consecutive terms for the attempted murder and the enhancements to equal 17 years.

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