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Rejected man goes to court for kidnapping

Sat, Oct 19 2013 12:00 PM Posted By: Neal Putnam

A South Bay man was ordered Oct. 1 to stand trial for attempted kidnapping of a woman in a Chula Vista service station and vandalism of her car after she rebuffed his sexual advances.

Thomas Viera Paciornik, 26, was also ordered to stand trial for assault with intent to commit rape and false imprisonment in the July 14 incident at a 7-Eleven in Chula Vista.

Paciornik allegedly told the woman she was pretty and asked her to go out with him. When she declined his offer, he grabbed her arm and kissed her. She went inside to the 7-Eleven and he bumped his car into hers. He then used an object to flatten one of her tires, said the prosecutor.

“It was very scary for the victim,” said Lucille Yturralde.

Paciornik has pleaded not guilty and remains in jail on $255,000 bail.

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