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Got tangy BBQ sauce? Momma's does

Fri, Oct 19 2012 01:39 PM Posted By: Phillip Brents

Slather it, dip it, lick it … it’s just that good. Rob and Sherry Greenaway, owners of Momma’s Smokehouse BBQ, think they have something delicious in the making.

After sampling the eatery’s pork ribs — slathered with Momma’s barbecue sauce — during Wednesday’s grand opening, we certainly had to agree.

Colonel Sanders, move over. Momma’s barbecue sauce is indeed finger-licking good.

The fledgling restaurant, located at 534 Broadway in the Center Cut building, got its start due to the power of home cooking.
The Greenaways married in 2003; both had their own recipe for barbecue sauce. They decided to combine recipes and that’s how Momma’s barbecue sauce was born.

The couple began selling it at farmers markets around the county in August 2011; it even landed on the shelf at a few retail outlets. They also sold the product online.

It’s started to gather a following. “We want to give the community a diverse type of eatery, something that’s American in the tradition of Southern barbecue,” Rob Greenaway said.

Kansas City-style barbecue, to be specific.

Rob, who graduated from Montgomery High School in 1975, said memories of smoked beef jerky purchased at a smokehouse in Nestor helped inspire the idea for the restaurant.

“Once we get rolling, we’d like to recreate that for Chula Vista,” he said.

Momma’s sauce comes in three flavors: Momma’s mild, Momma’s favorite and Momma’s kickin’. The spiciness increases in that order.

“You taste the meat and barbecue sauce, then the spices about three seconds later,” Rob said.

The sauce can be used to flavor a variety of meats, including ribs, steaks, chicken, hot dogs and burgers, as well as a dipping sauce.
Rob noted that Momma’s kickin’ sauce tastes great on salmon.

“My daughter likes it on macaroni and cheese,” Rob said. “I have one customer who likes it in a Bloody Mary.”

Bottles are sold on site as well at both Sprouts market locations in Chula Vista. Cost is $6 per bottle.

For more information, call 476-1144 or visit the website at

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