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Decision regarding councilwoman delayed

Sat, Oct 20 2012 12:00 PM Posted By: Allison K. Sampité-montecalvo

Action on an ethics complaint filed by a Chula Vista resident against a City Council member was postponed Wednesday.

Peter Watry filed the claim with the city’s Ethics Commission against Chula Vista City Councilwoman Pamela Bensoussan Oct. 8, saying she used her position for personal gain and acted unethically as a public official.

Watry claims Bensoussan took approximately $1,900 in campaign donations from a developer between January and May, then voted in favor of the project during a Sept. 25 council meeting.

After reviewing the complaint and corresponding information, Deputy City Attorney Simon Silva said the full allegation of facts did not meet the requirements for a prima facie showing.

“Even if the facts are true, this isn’t a case of personal gain,” Silva said.

Four ethics members attended the meeting Wednesday, providing only a quorum, meaning a vote to dismiss the issue or pursue further action would have to be unanimous.

The board is expected to set a special meeting to vote on the matter sometime next week, allowing more members to vote on the issue.

The Lake Pointe project would fill a 12.2-acre lot across from the Olympic Training Center. It’s controversy stems from a change in the general plan for that area from an Olympic- themed village center to a residential apartment project.

Bensoussan is running for re-election to the City Council in November.

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